Whitbread Lapsed Rights Sold? - ✅ Resolved

In June Whitbread offered current shareholders the chance to buy extra shares. I am fairly new to this and missed the opportunity. My husband has a similar holding of Whitbread shares through iWebSharedealing and he received payment for the lapsed rights which were sold for around £750. I contacted T212 today through chat to see why my lapsed rights had not been sold. The customer services chap said that lapsed rights are not sold. My question is whether Whitbread sells these rights and this should have been passed on through T212 or whether it was iWebSharedealing that sold the rights and T212 just don’t bother?

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I have confirmed with Whitbread that they sell the rights and the money is passed on to the broker to return to the shareholder. T212 are investigating why they did not pay me this (though they have not confirmed they should). Did anyone else receive money from T212 when their right to by new shares lapsed?