Why am I losing money?

Hey guys just a quick question, I recently bought a stock at $16.29 and the stock closed at $16.62, I should be making profit but im not, why? I got a loss of -€0.61 fx impact is +€0.04

Is $16.62 the buy or sell price?

sell price is $16.33, and is the first time I get a loss from a stock that is higher than when I bought it

Have you got a screenshot to show the buy transaction and details of the stock?

Are you based in the US? If not, it could be due to the exchange rate from $ to your local currency.

The stock will not always go up, unfortunately. You were unlucky because you didn’t calculate all the variants and made a loss. It happens, don’t get upset. Relax. You can come up with some rituals before starting work to calm down. For me, for example, money affirmations help. I think they help me, and I do these procedures every time before sorting out all the possible developments. It’s my ritual before I start work. If you’re interested in these affirmations, here they are 111 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance - Radical FIRE. I got most of them from this site, and they helped me. It’s pure psychology that helps you focus on something specific.