Why are pies limited to 50 instruments?

Why are pies limited to 50 instruments ?
It’s a shame really. I was playing around trying to reproduce " iShares U.S. Tech Breakthrough Multisector ETF" but couldn’t because of that weird limitation…


There will be some improvements is near future.
I found myself other limits as well - Price alerts are limited to 100 only

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they are going to allow 100 in a single pie and they going to add pie in pie not sure how the limit works there

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This! And also the minimal allocation of 0.5% would love to be able to do less than that. Have to note though that most of these weird pie quirks are probably temporary.

Hopefully :)…

I believe the reason they have limited these is because of performance issues. The bigger the data the servers have to process the bigger the computing power required. Most likely they will improve this in the future but for now it is better to have limits and keep the service running instead of crashing and not being accessible :wink:

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Makes sense. It’s a shame though: it could have been a good way to replace ETFs all together by copying them. They even have the option turning a pie into a accumulative instrument (dividends getting automatically re-invested).