Why are Stocks after the 12th combined in ‘other’

I find it annoying that stocks after your 11th are all combined as ‘other’. I’d really like to be able to see the percentage allocation for all stocks, even the smallest positions. Is there a setting somewhere for this?

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Think it’s based on % value rather than volume. I have over 40 listed with the smallest c0.2%.

Edit: that’s on android mobile app

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Mine only shows the top 10, everything else is combined in ‘other’.
I’m looking under ‘allocation details’, where the pie chart is.
It’s good to know you can see all of your allocations, maybe I am missing something
I just made my no.11 position larger than my no.10 to see if they would both show, but now no.11 has switched places with no.10 which is now in the ‘other’ slice of the pie
I’m using web version, on safari if that has any impact…?

Hey @JI89 :wave:

I’d love to help you with that, but I’ll need a bit more information from your end first. So, let me DM you and we’ll sort this out together. :mailbox:

Yeah same, I thought it was normal to have my other holdings grouped but are they meant to be showing individually?

That’s completely normal, but on the app (android) it shows all positions so @JI89 ask why it’s not the same case on the web.

I use the web because I find the iPad app lacking all of those kinds of features like the allocation pie chart.

So on android it shows all allocations? If this is the case, than maybe what I’m waiting for is an ios update to bring it up to date with the android app?


no on IOS it already shows all investments, at least for me it does on phone

I just tried mine and it also has the other category on my phone. I’m going to check I’m running the latest versions this is odd

Why would people flag your comment? Absolutely absurd.

If you click the investment tab on your holdings and then scroll all the way down there’s that little semi circle and when you click on it you have your whole drop down list of stock weightings.

(I’m on Phone, IOS)

unfortunately the iPad app is separate from the iOS phone app, and the iPad is long out of date in that case.

@A_A someone might have thought its an account specific issue which is fair IMO.


Exactly this was also discussed in the topic “Full allocation list of stocks” a while ago. It doesn’t seem to have the highest priority for Trading212. However, I would also really like to see this implemented on the web version. Why do the phone apps have it and the web version doesn’t have it?


It’s for malicious reasons. I just got flagged too for calling it out.

T212 moderators will be able to see who is flagging and malicious behaviour will definitely be stopped going forward. Guess we just give it a short wait to see the comments unhidden.

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It will be automod. It used to drive me crazy on the Freetrade forum was literally a renegade.

Hey, guys :wave:

There are currently 10 slots per holding available. Once they’ve been occupied each following addition to the portfolio will be grouped under “other”.

I’m afraid, It’s not in our immediate plans to increase that limit, but I’ve passed your feedback along for consideration, nonetheless.

I’ll keep you posted in case of any updates.