Why can I see not GBX products in ISA

I was under the understanding that an ISA should only have products listed in GBX. Why can see non GBX products listed on my ISA?

Where did you hear this?

As far as I am aware you are mistaken.

for my last two years ISA, I was using ii. With ii ISA you can only fund it with GBX and only shows you list of products priced in GBX.

I also use ii for investments which you can hold lots of type of currencies at the same time and purchased products in any currencies and then sell products back into any currencies of your choice.

I was to understanding that ii limited the ISA to GBX due to rules. But I might be wrong. Can your ISA based currency USD or EUR?

You can only hold GBP in an ISA as cash, but you can buy whatever you like.


Thanks for the information