No GW Pharma on ISA


I plan on opening a shares ISA in the very near future, I currently trade on IG and 212.
The problem is I wish to hold GW Pharmaceuticals in the ISA but currently, that instrument doesn’t seem to be listed on the ISA platform only on the shares platform.
Is there a specific reason for this or just an oversight and if so, any plans to add GWPH any time soon?

Thanks in advance

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@Outshine GW Pharma’s not eligible to be held in an ISA account as per HMRC’s guidance, that’s why it’s listed only on Invest.


Thanks for the quick reply. Out of interest how do platforms like IG get round the guidance restrictions as they do have it listed in their ISA platform?

@Outshine Apparently they’ve made a mistake.


Yeah, I reviewed IGs ISA-eligibility :- it’s not that good. Lots of mistakes. Same everywhere.

FinKi has an automated solution :+1: