Why can’t I short rivian?

Says that max short positions is 0….why? I shorted yesterday no problem

Contextual risk management decisions have to be made depending on the dynamic of the market.
We’ve actually touched upon the subject before, in this thread Tesla Maximum Traded Quantity for Long Positions - #7 by pipo, but I’ll also include a help centre article, where you may find additional details. The conditions are a subject of change and could be reversed if the market allows it.

Feel free to ping me if any additional questions come up.


Thanks @B.E. Makes sense as that thing is going to feel the effects of gravity pretty hard soon IMO

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I wonder if anyone expected the behaviour its shown so far. Crazy rush.

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Madness. Surely it cannot keep going straight up for much longer


You can short it now. Thank you! And I did!!

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Good luck. Make sure to tell us how well you perform in the coming days/weeks. Will be an interesting ride either way.

As I don’t do CFDs, i would love -3x Rivian. But the ETP creation takes time, and i’m not sure if it would be added before rivian drops to a more normal valuation.

It’s a nervy one. So far so good. Got the sell price of $156 and setting stop losses at progressively lower amounts as it goes down, but leaving myself room for some bounce in SP. Dont want it to close too early. I have the original IPO price in mind. If it gets there then i will sell.

And yeh I have practiced with CFDs and have lost some before. But I’ve made on 27 of my last 29…so improved but I am a lot more selective about what I buy or sell and I leave myself plenty of room in my account value to not get forced close

if it reaches its IPO price, then its likely to keep going a bit further, but I think it may not get that low so soon.

Yeh well it pretty much hit the public trading launch date price. Early investor price was where I was thinking though. Around the $78 mark….