Why can't I hide default watchlists anymore?

It’s really unfortunate but the last app update has made Trading 212 worse than before with many small bugs and inconveniences. I don’t know what your product team is thinking but for now I’ll just stick to one issue.

I use watchlists a lot to organise my equities. It’s a great feature that I love. There are these default watchlists like Popular, Risers, Fallers and etc. I used to be able to hide them in the old app but in the new version that option was removed. So now I must see whatever crap is popular or has been falling in the last session. I have zero interest in that but your product team has decided that it doesn’t matter what I find interesting or not.

Why is that? How do I benefit as user from having this option taken away? What was the thinking here?

Also, for years now people have asked to increase 40 items limit on watchlist. You ignored that. There are several equities that disappear from watchlist after you close the app. You didn’t fix that. Instead, you spent your developers’ time on removing option that some users found very useful. Thanks guys…


What is up with those default lists anyways. Like there is one called “UK Stocks” and it has Barclays, Tesco, Vodafone few other UK companies in it. So what? What am I supposed to do with that information? Is it in case I didn’t know I can buy Tesco shares? Like what useful purpose does that and other default watchlists serve?


I agree - the option to hide the default, pre-set watchlists should be restored in next update. Making them permanently visible is getting in the way of my own watchlists. Increasing the number of positions on each watchlist would also be good. Additionally, permitting the My Watchlist to be re-named would also be a good option to have.


Completely agree. Those watchlists might be helpful for some users but not for other users, like myself. I can’t think of any argument for not being able to hide/show those lists benefiting me as a T212 user. Hopefully, T212 team will restore this functionality in the next update.
Also would like to add that even though this post refers to the app but this problem is the same for the desktop/browser version.


As someone who works as a Product Manager for another company, is embarrassing the complete out of touch features and developments they spent their time developing (if anything apparently).

That one mentioned here, obviously benefits no one and just makes life harder for a lot of others. On top of that, you have such simple things that shouldn’t take YEARS to implement and that have been requested like being able to click-through on stocks when Pie view mode.

The fact that you still have to do a bunch of another clicks/touches to be able to open a stock that you’re viewing within one of your own pies is ridiculous, given how many times and for how long this has been flagged here in the forum, in surveys, posts, comments, etc…


@Team212 @Bogi.H Can you provide any explanation on this subject?

Any update on this, from those who can kill this ‘feature’?
If users don’t want to ‘watch’ a ‘list’, they should be able to remove it.


Hi everyone,

The “hide watchlist” feature will come back in a few months, with a new look and implementation, as the old one was causing technical issues for us and we were seeing very low usage anyways.

For now, a workaround I can suggest is to move all watchlists you’re not interested in to the end of the list, so they don’t get in your way as much.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Can’t wait for the hide watchlist to come back, another one has appeared and I don’t need them or want to see them, a bit distracting so having the option to hide again would be great :sunglasses::+1:


Hopefully, you won’t have to wait much longer. We’ve got our sights set on the end of Q1 for rollout.


Thank you, that would be great :+1:

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Can we get this resolved already? Impossible to be productive with these default enforced watchlist, which I don’t care about.
Sorting in them and in custom made ones are non-existant.
Newly added stocks in watchlists appears at the top, while the top is the most important and I want to have most relevant, the most important to me for tracking/watching at the top. Can you fix the so new items in the Watchlist would be added to the bottom of the stack, and not injected at the most important spot.
Also, can you fix sorting.
Also, please, enable removal of default Watchlists. Awesome for beginning, but absolute nightmare for advanced users. Such a bad idea to make them enforced to have, who could even come up with such decision. :confused:


I definitely like to see this resolved, and back to being able to hide the pre-set watchlists that people can, or not, show.

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We heard you loud & clear.

We’ll certainly be bringing back the ability to hide watchlists and, along with that, will introduce other exciting optimizations. The wait will be worth it! Just bear with us a bit longer :pray:


Thank you, much appreciated :grin:

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If it is now possible to hide default pre-set Watchlists, I cannot see how to do it.
What am I missing ?

(Using Desktop)

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Removing the pre-set watchlists is not possible at the moment. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

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