Why cant we premarket buy?

why aint we allowed to buy shares premarket? miss out on so many opportunities because of this…

trading212 ever plan on allowing this?

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rough estimates of a date of implementation?

Won’t be any time soon I’d say

thats a shame… why is thaT? whats so hard about implementing it

Was probably not high on list of priorities… there is millions of users and millions of various requests, not all can be fulfilled in same time/pace…

well being able to buy after market is pretty important… would think that would be right up the top of priorities…other top brokers offer it.

I’ve already been on there case haha !

It is important maybe for traders, I doubt long term investors care about pre/after market…

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pretty sure both groups of people would be irritated if they see a nice big dip on a stock they want to purchase but cant because we cant trade while market closed.

It’s beneficial for everyone regardless of your investing time-frame. Many a times I wanted to buy premarket for long buys.

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I don’t understand how it benefits long term. But hey to each his own… :beers:

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well ive probably just lost a few hundred because of it. big shame. everybody else get to go while us at trading212 just watching from outside the window…

If you bought it yesterday before market close? Wouldn’t that give you better price then today if pre market is green…

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stocks can go down AH you know.

Ok, I guess some folks have different view on long term.

In my view 1-2% short term volatility doesn’t make much difference, you buy share because you expect for capital appreciation and compounding over years.

If in 20years stock growth+compounding provides 340% capital appreciation, I somehow fail to see relevance of 2% at beginning…

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if youre short term or long term doesnt matter.

having the option to trade when market is closed should be there, all top brokers offer that.

Bottom line is T212 has it on to do list, no dedicated timeline set as of now…

Near term priorities are release of AutoInvest to GA, 2FA , fractional stocks, add more markets…

Now if there is bandwidth after Autoinvest is out, t212 will provide update…

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There’s a good reason for that. It doesn’t benefit long term.

I think the day I start blaming my losses on only being able to trade when the market is open is the day that I’ll just pack it in and try something else.


well we cant buy shares when market is closed so i missed out on the dip so i lost few hundred quid.

just a fact. so yea i am blaming trading212 for this one lmao