Why does it take long time to process orders onto market

Perhaps this was answered before.
Trying to buy something, 10 minutes since markets have been opened and my order is still being processed, while stock moves up and down. Massively frustrating to say at least.

I’m also having the same issue with this stock, not sure if it’s due to low liquidity or something else?

It’s an AIM stock traded on the SETSqx segment of LSE, there’s a lot of content on that topic. Unfortunately, they’re not traded like regular blue chips such as Vodafone, BP ,etc…

I thought, though, this had been ‘fixed’? On another thread regarding Greatland Gold (GGP), you changed it so market orders were going through almost immediately. I’ve put a market order in this morning for GGP and it still hasn’t gone through.


Unfortunately we can’t fix the way certain exchanges work.

Thanks for your response.
30+ mins now. Cant cancel, doesnt process. Almost £10k just stuck somewhere in a limbo…
Does Trading212 have a power to change stuff to cancel processing orders?

Mine has just gone through now and is pending. No longer says processing.

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I don’t dispute Alex and obviously you know better than me. I was simply pointing out that this exact problem was addressed in another thread and David said that a solution had been found and market orders should now be instant.

Hi R16,
Mine has just gone through as well. Thanks for your input, glad it’s now resolved. Although, these 40 mins were tense!

Me too, hope it gets executed, want to get in ASAP after the feasibility report was published

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@Wonker That was specifically for Greatland Gold, not all AIM stocks.

I see mate, thank you.

So why has my market order for GGP this morning taken so long?. The price has gone from 10 to over 11p and it still hasn’t gone through?

I cancelled and put it back on but it’s still stuck.




It’s just gone back to 10.8p so it would be very nice if my market order could be executed now. :wink:



Sorry to be a pain with this but it’s been over an hour now and my market order still has not been executed for GGP.

Should I cancel it and put another one on or just leave it?

Obviously, I’m eager to get this through before any further price increase; I know you are very busy at the moment but your help would be appreciated.



Mine just executed at the 11am auction.

Mine too mate. I waited for 40 mins for my first attempt then cancelled. I put another market order on and it took 1hr 40mins to execute.

It looks like the fix @David made has stopped working and we’ve gone back to the auction times! My original order was at 10p but I ended up buying at 11p! :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah well.

Hi David,
would it be possible to show some kind of tool tips or a indicator to show that info?

Yep been having trouble with it today. Been waiting a while for execution.