Why is it showing different price


I am quite new to this field and am trying to purchase a few shares of a company listed in London Stock Exchange. The price is displayed as p85.40 * (I assume that p stands for pound and am from Germany)

When I select a single share it´s showing me the price is €0.96. Why is it so?

Can´t I buy it? Please let me know

@WhoAmI That “p” stands for pence. As far as I noticed stated price is not always the price you will pay but as shown below prices are executed at best currently available market price

Your account is set on EUR so that is the result of currency exchange (FX applies every time you buy shares/ETFs different from EUR).

Sterling Pence. Also known as GBX.

Here is a site where you can convert GBX and EUR: https://coinmill.com/EUR_GBX.html