Why there’s more loss then it’s should be?

Hi T212 team & Community,
@Team212 @George

as I’m new to T212, just bought 3 different stocks yesterday( BAC, T, UMC)
As you can see below on all 3 screenshots, there’s average price(which I bought) and selling price, difference In calculation in my loss is more then it’s should be??

In BAC, loss should be -$0.40, But it’s -$0.50

In UMC, it should be 0.00, But it’s -$0.20

In T, it’s should be -$0.10, but it’s -$0.15 ??

Am I missing/understanding something wrong here?? Or it’s app is counting wrong with some bug maybe??

Please help me team…!??

Thank you…

You’ll see soon

I’ve seen that, but in my case my currency is USD, bought at the average price and selling price is the same as the average price, so there’s nothing to do with FX in my case??? And still shows differences as you can see in screenshots??

That’s because the average price is calculated with much higher (sub-penny) precision than displayed. Your United Microelectronics investment most likely has an average price slightly below 3.67 (eg. 3.6675342)

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Oh true sorry about that, for the first and last it is mainly down to the spread, and the other discrepancies as George says is likely down to precision

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Oh, so you mean app is only showing 2 decimals, and selling price is usually works 4,5 or more decimals??

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Completely Understood now all clear.
Thanks a million George & cavanhagan.


Hey @Vedran, I’ve seen your comment on this topic and just now can’t find anymore (as I’m still getting use to this, don’t know properly how to use all features)

So anyway based on your comment which I’ve read from my email,

So now made me unclear, as I have used limit orders for all 3 of them(T, BAC and UMC).
So, here I should be getting UMC @ $3.67 price or maybe better (eg.3.66423), then t212 maybe make it round figures to charge 3.67 but defo not more.!(and i got it @ $3.67)
And Then UMC sell price is $3.67 too, so I should be there 0.00 in gain/loss (but defo not in -$0.20 in loss)
Same applies to BAC and T(I’m more in loss then it’s should be, all Placed with limit orders).

Am i still not understanding it correctly or something is wrong there?? please @George one more time can you help me??

Thanks yous…

Hey MK,
His response was to another poster in here earlier. I made a bit of a mess here but it’s all been cleared up

Hey cavanhagan,
that’s no problem.
But my question now still stands actually, you can see from my post as it’s show’s more loss then should be??