Wise/ Transferwise thoughts?

SEPA is for only EUR transfers. Sending EUR via SEPA to non EUR accounts, will have higher fees than EUR to EUR account and have the risk of not being accepted in a foreign currency account.

For non-EUR accounts, the SWIFT transfers are used, but more expensive and could take more time to arrive.

My 2 cents, it seems that the destination bank (Barclays/T212) rejected the EUR transfer into an USD account (perhaps added by the relation of EUR bank to a UK bank). The destination bank if had received it, it would have convert EUR into USD, and charge the FX fees.

How much are the FX fees the T212’s Barclays account charge when sending money to it?

haha yes. About 400 pounds/450 euros worth. Mostly in foreign transfer fees to T212.

It was never an issue in the past! I’m blaming Brexit with the UK no longer being in the Eurozone :wink: Anyway, yes I should have used a Wise transfer and not a SEPA transfer - it was really my fault. Though almost 2 months waiting for the cash back is bit nuts.

Bank transfer to T212 is free on T212’s end. 0.7% charge when paying with card charged with T212. On my banks end which is the Irish version of NatWest, I believe it is 1% and a 3% markup on exchange rate fees.

Constantly being shafted over here. They might as well just shake us upsidedown by the ankles…

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Was asking if Barclays (T212’s bank) charge FX fees, when you send EUR to your USD T212 account. If Barclays don’t charge you FX fees when EUR enter in the USD account, it’s a loss for them and win for you.

In Portugal, it’s the same. The traditional banks also stole a lot from us, that why people are going to neobanks, mainly foreign ones.


From the above, it reads that their business looks after their customers which is key to success.

Has anyone came to a reasonable assessment, of what is a ‘good’ entry price into Wise?

I guess that is a question for the Trading212 team. It’s not really a win for me as I make no gain, I’m just not paying any fee. I’m sure T212 as a company have a deal with Barclays and that’s why bank transfers are free. I’m just speculating. As @Dougal1984 said, yeah it could be just the case they’re looking after their customers and fronting the bill. T212’s financial statements are available online, there might be mention of it there.

@RLX I know your pain. It sounds like you are paying back your money due to the mistakes the bankers made.

Oh yes. Back to Wise! I forgot this was a forum for Wise and not a sounding board for my banking issues! Sorry for derailing.


The statement I said was aimed more at Wise being bang on the money and actually offering a service customers want :rofl:

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Wondering if you tried to use T212 EUR IBAN with your US account number and what would be the result? :wink:

As I see IBAN for US and EUR are different.

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There is no way I want to risk another two months with my cash swimming around the ether!
@Dougal1984 ah yes, that too!

So who is buying Wise on listing?

I´ve been very busy over the last week and haven´t kept up to date. Has it listed yet?
I don´t think so as I cannot find it anywhere. Has the date been announced?

Just found this:

7th of July then :slight_smile:


Has a price range been announced?

@EquityInvestor Dont think so but guess we will find out shortly…


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the ticker is active now and can be searched in T212 tho no trading before 11.22 am the lastest


I have to say 50/50 on this one as I already held it pre IPO :upside_down_face:

According to Financial Times the valuation is around 8 Billion GBP. I haven’t had this much laugh since Gymshark got their 1 Billion USD valuation. It very much seems that human stupidy has in fact no limitation…

I don’t think 8bn is terribly off the mark - bit more forward goodwill priced in than I was expecting (think they only have 2% of the global market and growing).

More than happy with 8bn as helps secure a rise in my holding of Chrysalis.

I understand where you are coming from but here is a huge differece betwen could/would/should be and what it is. I won’t be touching it imho I’d put it conservately at max 1.5 Billion GBP regardless of how good and innovative they are…

Also bear in mind banks take 1.5% of the top for fees and considering what they do as part of the IPO process they split those fees 60/20/20. Hence what ever number they come up with is most likely largely inflated because GREED…

It was valued at 5-6bn last year. Are you suggesting that’s also wide off the mark?

Yes (insert 20 characters).