Wise Direct Listing

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As most of you are already aware, WISE has recently confirmed & set the date for its Direct Listing on the LSE on the 7th of July.

We’ll facilitate trading with the stock, as soon as it becomes available for the public on that day, which is normally 2-3 hours after the opening bell.

For further reference on Direct Listings, feel free to go over this article in our Help Centre - IPO & Direct Listing Trading – Trading 212 and if you have any additional questions or concerns, post them in the thread below :arrow_down:


This week Wise is planning to go Public on the Landon Stock exchange, and I am very much interested in investing in Wise. I have sent an email to owners@wise.com to add T212 to their Brokers list. Not sure if that helps. Is this something T212 need to initiate?

Here is the list of current brokers where they will available for trading : Where can I buy shares in Wise? - Wise


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Here is the response I received from Wise.

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Guess it depends how quickly you want to get in. I’ve already an indirect holding in wise through a selection of trusts, but it is tempting to continue that position post IPO as close to open.

What is missing on most platforms, is almost a watch list - to let you know when missing shares become available for trading unless anyone knows something out there that does the trick (@Finki - is this something you can build?).

Yep. Already do (sort of). FinKi - Stock Search But I don’t keep it fresh anymore as I’m building something else… which does almost extactly what you’re asking for… but it’s Commercial, sorry

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