Withdrawal confusion

Heyy guys,

So I initially funded my acc via credit card. And withdrawal was transferred to the same card.

Now I will be using Revolut to fund acc

a) If I withdraw, where do funds go? To my Revolut acc or to credit card?

b) Can I ask trading212 to transfer withdrawal to revolut acc?

c) What is better, withdrawal to credit card or revolut acc? Is revolut acc safe? Is money insured if lets say revolut goes bust?

Sorry about the rant but I really need to get my head around this

Thank you!


Hey there, Elijah!

a) Cards have a priority in the system when you withdraw. Therefore, your withdrawals will be potentially sent to your credit card.
b) If you have deposited the majority of your funds via bank transfer and you wish that your withdrawals are sent to your Revolut account, you can reach us through the contact form and we will gladly review if your request would be feasible.
For reference you can check also:

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I am talking about withdrawing funds, not selling shares. Market open or closed does not matter :wink: