Efficient Fund Withdrawal


I was wondering what your experiences with withdrawals are. I live in Austria, not in the UK. I usually deposit funds via credit card. Withdrawal of funds (funds transferred back to credit card (Visa)) would cost me 1,5% of the amount! Thats completely insane! Can this be right?

What is a more efficient way to withdraw money and deposit it on your bank account if you are not an UK citizen?

Would appreciate any ideas, thoughts, experiences


to clarify, 1,5% is charged upon my transfer of the withdrawn funds to my bank account

Lets say, I request a fund withdrawal to my credit card. Are the withdrawn funds deposited on my credit card in Euro or British Pounds?

I’m pretty certain that the funds need to be sent back to the original funding source.
BUT, with that said - I’m pretty sure that you would be able to liaise with T212 to set up another source for the money to be sent to.

SKRILL / PayPal / Apple Pay ? All may be possibilities, but you will need to also find out if there are cost for withdrawing to these platforms too (and sending money out of these).

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