Withdrawal of funds

You’re lucky. I withdrew £12,500 and now it’s a lot more than 24hours.
I was going to put all of it into Swissborg yesterday. It’s non arrival has cost be at least £6000 after a huge rise is Swissborg today !

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CHSB is due a bit of a pullback so you should be fine. I’ve been on it for a few years now with a healthy appreciation in value :slight_smile:

If you have been to Europe then you’ll know that they are using 1980s technology and still using pigeons, fax machines etc. So normally it do take them 3 days because they allow each transaction by hand. wow amazing, right :smiley:

Yeah well my friend Transferwise uses a different model. They don’t actually send your money, if you know :wink: for starters :-D. It is a different system so they exchange both currencies without sending a single penny.

Once transactions are processed by 212 the money usually turns up in my Monzo account within a few hours, for my starling account it’s within a day.

Sometime T212 process requests almost instantly. Currently I’m on day 3 for a request though.