Worried newbie!

Hi, I started using Trading 212 in early November and after working with small amounts of money which were received quickly into my account, I then put in a larger sum. I invested and then about two weeks later needed to withdraw the money. This was on the 24th of November. The withdrawal shows on the app as ‘executed’ and I know you say it takes between 2-3 working days. However, I am still awaiting payment into my account of this money and it is the 6th December. That is first issue.

Second issue is I started an account on behalf of my husband and invested his full allowance into the ISA. Again mid-November. This sum went out of my account, but has still not been received into my husband’s new ISA. I understand there can be some delay in this and I am trying to be patient. In the meantime, have requested a bank statement from Santander to show payment leaving account as proof.

The two situations together is making me extremely jittery about using Trading 212 and I would appreciate your reassurance that the money is safe and will be where I have requested it to go this week.


Just @ a few staff so someone can look into this for you.

@Martin / @Tony.V / @PeterA / @David

Your far better off using your account debit card to make the transfer as its instant, using your bank account to transfer means someone at the other end needs to verify your unique identity number (which you should have added to the transfer) in order to allocate the funds to your account.
The withdrawal process is fairly simple but again back to a debit card is the simplest and quickest route.
A couple of people have been experiencing longer withdrawal times lately but I haven’t heard of anyone losing the money altogether.
If you have the details and they have been sent to the right account, I’m sure its just a processing time delay

Thank you! I did try to do a debit card transfer in the case of the withdrawal, but had problems with it for some reason, so resorted to BACS. I couldn’t transfer the larger amount into the ISA any other way than through bank wire transfer, as far as I could tell. My bank assures me it went through by the end of closing day nearly two weeks ago…so ten working days on Monday. I am hoping the ARN will serve to trace the withdrawal and when I can get one, my bank statement will prove the payment into the Trading 212 ISA account.

Your best off contacting t212 help tomorrow as the banks are open, 2 weeks is too long I would imagine something has gone wrong.
Its worth checking the details you sent and make sure the unique t212 code is on the transfer or they won’t know what account to allocate it to. This is automatically added with a card deposit.
I have sent thousands by debit card to my isa without a problem and recently 15k to my other halfs so I’m not sure whats restricting your account from doing the same?
Don’t worry today as nothing can be done, wait until tomorrow and I’m sure it will be sorted before the end of the day.
Best of luck don’t forget to post an outcome for future investors

Thank you. I will do! Appreciate your support and will try not to worry :cold_sweat:

Sorry just saw this…thank you!

Hi…could @Martin @Tony.V look into this for me please?

Cute dog by the way :slight_smile:

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Definitely not great that this has happened, however, I think someone from the team will sort it out for you tomorrow :slight_smile: (as today is a Sunday)

absolutely the cutest!

Thanks…shelving it until tomorrow.

Usually it takes 3 working days for them process and then 3 working days for the money to arrive on your bank account. You can add to this 2 non-working days and you end up with an estimate of 8 days to get your money.
Now if something goes wrong or if the staff is super busy, it might be a bit longer.
Conclusion: it takes time so don’t worry too much :smiley:

Problem 1 sorted…they sent me the ARN number and statement which showed that the refund was paid into my credit card which I hadn’t looked at. I am confused how this occurred as my statements clearly show the payment going from my Bank account, not my credit card and they stated they always place withdrawal funds back into account they were originally invested from. My Bank statement shows these payments to Trading 212, so I know I didn’t use my credit card. They have also told me that it was refunded via GooglePay and I only have my bank card on GooglePay, so extra confused about that too. Anyway, at least I have the funds.
Just a stray £20,000 to find now which should be going into the Trading 212 ISA!


Much the same issue I have but despite my free funds disappearing I have nothing in transaction history nor confirmation email to show.

All sorted! There was an issue placing the money in the account from my account because it was a joint account. Shame I couldn’t have been notified, but we got there eventually.