Withdrawal of return

Hello. I am new to trading and I have a small profit. I would want to know how to withdraw my green cash in order to reinvest it. Hope you can help me!

You would need to sell it, then your account with have the corresponding cash available to buy other things. If your stock is within a pie then need to first export from the pie.

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I am now on the news version of web app and I can sell only the stocks, not the return. I can withdraw money from the pie without export them.

Not sure if I understand your questions, but the ‘return’ is how much the stocks have appreciated in value. For example:

You bought Apple at $100, its now $120 so you have a 20% return on that stock.

If you want to take the profit and leave the original, the way to do that I guess (someone correct me if better way) is to sell $20 worth of stock that means you have $100 of the stock and $20 in cash. HOWEVER you now own less of that stock (0.84 give or take compared to 1 whole stock).

Are you really sure that you know what you are doing?

Maybe some reading on how the stock market works, price fluctuations, realized and non-realized profits might be an essential content to fully understand :wink:


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