How can I take profit from a pie

Say I wish to take profit from a holding within my pie.

How does one do that? Do I have to remove it from the pie, sell a % of my holdings, then add it back in?

Is there a way we can skim profit or sell the holding within a pie? If not is this something that’s being considering within the platform?

Also what does the little cross to the right of the holding do??

Withdraw, set the amount and click custom, then you can select the stocks it comes from. Only issue is the minimum withdrawal is the same even in custom, which makes no sense and I’ve said this needs changed before

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If you are looking to take profit from “over performing” stocks and adding it back into your pie, then the Rebalance button can help in some way towards this. It will tell you how much of certain stocks it will sell and what underperforming stocks it will buy more of.
The little cross to the right of the stock when editing will remove the stock from the Pie.