Withdrawal payment split

I have two issues that I would like thoughts on. Three days ago I made two separate withdrawal requests within minutes of each other.
One request was processed and approved almost immediately whilst the second as of today is still awaiting approval.
I contacted T212 through live chat who answered immediately and told me that some requests can take up to 3 working days. I understand this but still think it’s odd considering both were done within minutes of each other.
When I check my bank account today a payment has gone in, which is great, but it is less than the amount that was requested and authorised.
I contacted T212 live chat who were immediately available again and was told that
“some withdrawals are processed in more than one transaction. If a withdrawal is received partially, you will receive the remaining funds by the end of the 2-3 business days timeframe, rest assured. “
Is it just me that finds this odd and does anyone know why this is.

I’ve done a withdrawal in the past and although it was only one request, had two payments land.
I think it depends on how the funds landed (perhaps?) - as my withdrawal was split exactly how I added money in.

If the withdrawal says “under review” - that’s normal. Again, wait the ~3 days, and it will change to executed. Then it may take a day or two to land in your bank.

I’ve done about 3-4 withdrawals this year, from small amounts up to big ones - each time it’s been slightly different. All went through though.

Hope that helps clear your worries. :v:

Thanks for that. It just seemed a bit random with split payment over a number of days.
Anyway I was very impressed with the speedy response on live chat on both occasions. :+1:

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This is happening to me. I end up with 10 small deposits in my account. Don’t understand whats going on and sometimes the money doesn’t turn up on the same day. Its confusing

The withdrawals can arrive partially since they can be executed as a refund. If you have deposited multiple times in small amounts, the withdrawals can be sent back the same way in multiple transactions. Indeed, depending on the payment provider, the full allocation might take up to 2 3 days.

My withdrawal are all a couple of hundred pounds at a time. Iv seen this before with trading212, but this time the some in my bank account doesn’t match up with my withdrawal amount

Who do I speak to?