Withdrawals amount is different than actual amount shown in History tab

Hey guys,

So I’ve withdrawn only 2 times for 1EUR, but in my history tab it shows my total withdrawals are 24.93 EUR. Anyone knows why it’s different? My only explanation is that it includes the 0.7% fees from card depositing, but if that’s the case it still doesn’t make sense to count it towards withdrawn amounts, right?

ISA accounts also include transfers as withdrawals (not sure about the others), so if for example you transferred money from your ISA to invest or CFD, it would show there.

Thanks, but I don’t have an ISA account, as I’m not from the UK

Have you transferred any money to your CFD account which might explain it?

Also have you participated in any rights issues? I recall they come out as withdrawals as well.

@T212_help Are you saying that we are having to pay a withdrawal fee? when withdrawing from an ISA.

No not at all. I transferred by accident a small amount of money from my ISA to my invest account (meant to go the other way), but the whole amount was transferred with no charges.

I also don’t have a CFD account, just Invest. Not sure what participating in rights issues mean, but I guess I haven’t done that as well.

Thanks for the clarification @BenP

Then I’m all out of ideas, maybe someone else might have some inspiration, otherwise you can log a support ticket to get it clarified.

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I might make a ticket unless someone from T212 responds.

Either way I appreciate you trying to help!

The deposit fee amounts are included in History and add to the total withdrawn amount. Also, as @BenP has mentioned, moving funds between accounts is also listed in the History tab - that way, you have full transparency in regards to any funds movement under your account(s).

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Thanks, as I assumed it takes into account the deposit fees. Guess I’m wondering why they are being added to the withdrawal amount, seems to me more logical to have a separate field to display the fees.