Money has disappeared from the account - ✅ Solved

Dear Community,

I hereby complain to you for the unlawful withdrawal of funds.

On 03.06. I transferred money from my investment account to the CFD account. Parts of this amount were immediately withdrawn by trading212. How ist this possible? This is a unlawful withdrawal of funds.

Pleas help me regarding this issue.

Best Regards,


Are the base currencies in both accounts the same? If not then it’s probably the FX rate causing the discrepancy.

It’s both Euro. And it would be way to much for FX rate. Its about 65% of the total transfered amount which disappeared.

Oh I see. Looks like one for the staff, hope you get it sorted quickly. Make sure you email them too, not because it’ll be any quicker because it won’t be but at least you’ll have proper records of you bringing it to their attention just in case you need to take further action later.

All the best.

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Without going into it further and potentially having personal info shared on a public forum, i’ve flagged this post for the attention of some staff.

I feel this is the best plan of action. Staff will get back to you.

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It looks like the negative balance protection wasn’t properly activated and the system has balanced an invisible and invalid negative amount from the past?

Was it a stock that you invested in?

Have you directly contacted the company through the chat in the app or via email?

Yes, the problem is solved. It was a mistake regarding a invisible and invalid negative balance.