Withdrawing funds to USA bank account rejected

Hello everyone, I made a transfer of funds from my US bank account earlier and they reached my account successfully.
When I tried to withdraw to the same US bank account, the withdrawal was rejected.
Are withdrawals to USA bank accounts not supported?
P.S: I am registered and verified as a resident of the United Arab Emirates.

I got something similar. A customer support specialist wrote to say that they don’t accept any bank transfers from the USA, nor payments from cards issued in the States. I’m surprised you were able to at least deposit funds. This has made my life a lot harder as my bank accounts are in the USA.

Could you please help out with this? @Tony.V @Team212 @David

That’s correct - we don’t authorize transactions from the US, nor a card issued from that region can be used, I’m afraid.

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Hi @Tony.V and @Team212

Can you please help with my related issue? Customer service have been unable to help to date - its been several weeks :frowning: .

My USD funds from TransferWise were successfully deposited into my T212 account but I have been unable to withdraw them. I note both TransferWise and T212 use Barclays as their banking partner. In this sense, the funds have not left the same bank let alone left the country (UK)…

Thank you!