Withdrawal Help - Slight Panic


I joined Trading 212 earlier this year and used my HSBC debit card to deposit into my account. The majority of my funds (£15,000) had come from this debit card.

Last month, I switched my bank account to Starling and removed the HSBC debit card as my payment method and added Starling’s bank account as my preferred method of payment. I then made a couple of deposits totalling £900.

I then made a withdrawal request for my full balance and it has just been approved.

Will Trading 212 send all of my balance to my Starling account? I’m slightly paranoid that they might send the funds that I deposited through my HSBC debit card back to that debit card, which is obviously no longer active.

On my app, I only have one method of payment, which is my Starling account.

Can somebody please reassure me?

Technically you didn’t remove HSBC card unless you contacted support and requested to remove card due to XYZ reason.

Thus I would think amount deposited by HSBC card would be withdrawn towards HSBC account as refund of transactions.

However @Team212 can probably give more insight.

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That’s what I feared. Now I have no idea where my money is going to be sent to.

I’ve set up a ticket ID with T212. I hope they can help.

This isn’t worth panicking over, money cannot be sent to a closed account so will just remain pending on your account with t212.
This seems to be a bit of a weak spot though with t212 I’m hearing problems like this a lot.
Surely if all your accounts are verified you should be able to send it wherever you want I thought this was the point of identity verification in the first place? @Team212

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If the money is sent to my old account, it should move over automatically as part of my switch. Not sure what the process is if it’s sent to my old debit card.

I’ve just flagged it for staff attention to get help from one of the T212 team, as it is in regards to money / withdrawal etc - should have a reply from @Team212 soon I imagine.

Thank you so much, very much appreciated.

Just received a response stating that the full balance was sent to my HSBC card, which is linked to a closed account.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see where it ends up.

The bank should bounce it back if the card is no longer valid otherwise it will sit in a clients account until you claim it. My advice call HSBC im sure they will help.
It really would be worth knowing what the rules are on withdrawing though as I’ve said this problem seems to be coming up constantly especially for those that fund via different cards/accounts and want to withdraw either profits or the whole account back to one account or they don’t know which account they used and/or for what amount.
@Team212 could do with posting an answer

To start with - I believe that the confusion with the card removal is coming from the fact that you have actually deleted the card from the ‘Saved payment methods’ tab. Nonetheless, this doesn’t exclude the card from the withdrawal options.

If the funds were sent to an expired card, then they’ll bounce back to us, and we’ll send over the sum towards an active bank account. In other words: there’s no room for panic.


Hi Tony

One small request. When withdrawing over a certain amount there is no option to choose which payment method to refund to. Presumably because the system is selecting the funding source you used the most?

It would be helpful if it said which source was selected. ‘Your refund has been sent to your card ending 1234’ for example.

I hope that makes sense.

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Massively agree with this, all verified account types should be allowed to receive funds of any value regardless of the origin just like any other bank account would


Glad to hear that, thankfully I’m not in a rush for the funds.

I’ve just emailed Trading212 with the bank statement for my new account. Hopefully, the funds bounce back to them and they can then be sent to my new account.

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Good news, a bit more transparency from @Team212 would be useful though as they seem to be responding on a case by case basis with no global answers received. Can we choose where our money goes and the amounts regardless of origin?

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Another upside is, we don’t have to worry about typing incorrect bank details.

Imagine the posts…

I have also used other brokers where you can pay an extra fee, £15, to have an extra fast withdrawal that is processed same day normally within a couple of hrs.

Make sure you post the result to this please as I am very interested about the outcome

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Shouldn’t need to pay in this day and age

HSBC have just forwarded the payment onto me. I guess because I switched bank accounts, the payments automatically redirected.

I have to say that the support from Trading 212 was very good. They responded to my email within hours and they actually sent me a statement of them sending the payment, just in case HSBC asked for proof and didn’t re-direct the payment.

I will definitely continue using Trading212 as my platform once I’m in a position to invest again.

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Good news, thankyou for the update @ShoaibA96