Wrong Stop-Limit transaction

Stop @ 65 Dollar for my xpeng just sold für 64.34 at 15.34when it havent even reached 65 Dollar .
How is this possible?
Didnt even want to sell it

Well, have you configure limit order or stop limit?
Because limit at 65 would not sell it at 64. However stop at 65 would sell it lower.

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always best to double check how the orders are set up. It can be easy to accidentally put the values the wrong way around causing orders to go through different to intentions.

a stop trigger at 65 with a limit at 64, would naturally work differently to a stop trigger at 64 with a limit of 65 should the system accept your order.

as for not reaching the $65 mark, if you open the advanced chart and set to 1m you should be able to see the candle that triggered your order. stops only require the value to be hit once and not passed by the majority. candle versus wick.