X-axis & vertical gridlines overhaul

As of now, the vertical gridlines and the x-axis scaling are pretty much meaningless. A lot of graph enrichment potential is lost here.


  • Yes, a gridline always indicates the start of a new time section. But what time section is that?! 11:00-15:00 = 4h, starting in the middle of a trading day?!
    Why not stick to known, meaningful time sections such as 1 hour , 30 minutes , 1 trading day. Heck, even multiple hours per time section are fine, as long as they start at the beginning of a day.

  • Even better, how can you label one gridline just with a date, and the next one is a daytime value? Would be ok if date can be understood as: “Beginning of trading day”. But it’s not - see screenshot.

  • The framework used for the graph calculation behaves really weird when you scroll along the x-axis. You would expect that the x-axis values move along with the graph. But nope, they get replaced by new values to keep matching the weird grid scale - because the grid is static! Very, very irritating.

I mean, I get it that fixing either of these flaws would probably require an entire overhaul of the respective code module. But it would provide much more information that way. Would save i.e. all these find-start-of-the-day etc. mouse expeditions on the screen.