Web app chart time axis / period (web/desktop app)

A few frustrations on the web app’s handing of time / x-axis:

  • I find the horizontal scrolling on charts is not very intuitive, especially when the y-axis range changes as you scroll time on the x-axis: that makes it really difficult to understand relative price change over time.

  • Why is the data so limited for some stocks, in terms of history: it’s as if you only have the data from when you offered that stock: which is quite frustrating.

  • Zooming fully out (-) then back in (+) results in a 90% empty chart display, with the start of the displayed x-axis being around today’s date and the right-hand end far into the future; very unfriendly… and mostly pointless. What’s the benefit of having an x-axis that starts on, say, 17-Aug-2020 and ends on 5-Jul-2022? Perhaps some people want to annotate charts with future predictions?

  • Why do I need to select the data point granularity (referred to as Time Period) from the drop-down at the top of the chart? Can this not just be automatic based on the zoom level I’ve selected?

…so overall, I find the chart feature on the mobile app SO much more intuitive to use compared to the web app. Can some of these be addressed? I’m sure there will be people who like the current arrangement, so perhaps the following would work:

  • Have a new Automatic option in the Time Period drop-down, and maybe rename that option to Data Granularity or something similar (which may make more sense to more people)

  • Have a new Zoom To (or Time Period) drop-down, probably next to the existing Zoom +/- buttons, with the same options as the mobile app: 1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y & Max

  • (Optional) Have a new option in Settings for the default Zoom To for newly opened charts.

I think that would really help usability of the web app.



And this:

And also this, please:


I think the web platform is still work in progress.
I’ve read somewhere, they were soon releasing a new version of it.
Fingers crossed… ! :+1:t2:

The new version is out, in beta: https://live.trading212.com/beta

They’re still working on an “Advanced” mode too

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@James That’s great info, thank you! At first glance, it looks good.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Just had a look at it.
Pretty disappointing so far (at least for Invest accounts).
The current platform isn’t ergonomic, that one is even worse…

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Thanks for sharing!
So, mobile app and web app design are more aligned now.
The ‘new’ UI looks like a tablet version of the mobile app. Especially appreciating the ‘investment overview’ card incl. graph.

I don’t see any changes in the graph / chart design. Wouldn’t expect them to be part of that update either. It obviously has a different purpose.

Yeah, those were my thoughts too. Hopefully the “Advanced” mode fixes some things but I think any substantial graph updates would be outside their scope for it unfortunately…

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Got any related thread for this beta move? Would love to share our ideas from here in there.

There’s a sticky thread here: New Web App for Invest & ISA

I just posted a feedback on there.
Hopefully they’ll consider enhancing the “trading” part of the “trading platform” thing :smiley:
It looks nice though. Clearer.