X3 usa shares in the isa

hi there
does anybody understand trading the x3 usa based companies in the isa?
i would lik eto understand
do we pay stamp duty on £gbp shares of say UBER / NIO etc ?
do we pay stamp duty if we buy the X 3 shares in EURO or Dollar ?
What time doe the UK version of these shares trade? i…e uyou can buy at 8.30am GMT while the US market is shut.
Do they trade difefrently when the usa market opens?


Are you talking about ETPs from GraniteShares and Leverage Shares?

ETFs, ETNs, ETCs (aka ETPs) don’t pay stamp duty in UK.

The above products are traded according to their stock exchanges schedules.

They are priced according to their underlying assets and demand/supply market prices.

Stocks are traded also pre-market and after hours, and across the world due to multiple listings in several stock exchanges and through ADR, GDR and similar depositary receipts.


We have open a topic about GraniteShares ETPs here

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@RLX pretty much summed it up!

If you have any other questions @toadman (especially regarding Leverage Shares ETPs) feel free to reach out. Btw - there are also 1x (non-leveraged) ETPs which can be held in an ISA, like 1x NIO and Baidu. Cheers.

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Something I found on the website of a legal & financial adviser FAQ.

Most UK ETPs can be bought and held within an ISA or SIPP. To see if a particular ETP can be bought or held with an ISA or SIPP please view the ETP factsheet.

ETP KID and Factsheet must be checked, below an example with 3x NIO Factsheet.