Non UK reporting ETFs in ISA

Hi all

just signed up and planning to invest with Trading212. I’m a UK resident.

I had a couple of basic questions please:

  1. I went through the list of ETFs availavble for investing in ISA and there are a few which are non-UK reporting (eg IVV, VWO). Are these allowed to be held in an ISA? If yes, then for US ETFs, apart from the 15% WHT on dividends, are there no other davidend taxes/capital gains to be paid?

  2. Silly question - US stocks held in an ISA, are 15% dividends also witheld?

  3. Is it possible to download the list of ETFs available for ISA in a csv format?


  1. No you can’t buy the US ETF’s. They were available before the EU placed restrictions on us. They are still listed because people who owned them prior to the ban are not obligated to sell them.

  2. Yes there will be a tax.

  3. Not easily. There is a full list of equities here: If you are any good with python you could scrape each div for ETF. Or Ctrl+F.

Edit: I’m writing a script for you now.

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You can just download the csv file. You can use the program, it’s kinda messy and just outputs to text. I cheated and copied it into excel and saved it as a csv.

Wow! Thanks Nick! That’s awesome!


Just to clarify 2). There will be the 15% dividend WHT, but there won’t be any further UK dividend tax or capital gains tax in the ISA, right?

Thanks again.


Yes that’s right, hmrc won’t t tax you