You have ruined the pie feature

Good morning,
I am disgusted with the most recent change to make min order £100 for pies.
I have set up over 12 pies with various diffrent objectives with the monthly deposit feature they have a range of monthly deposits from £5-100
I’ve logged on today to see that majority of my pies hoarding a hell lot of cash because of the need to have £100 before completing order.
This is ridiculous and defeats the objective of having the pie.
So a pie with a £10 deposit would not conduct an order for 10 months this defeats the object cause by the end of the 10 months
1 my money would be worth less
2 the missed opportunity cost is ridiculous I might aswell hold onto my cash and invest in something else
3 whole point of the auto invest pie is to help us retails investors make use of dollar cost averaging.
Which you have taken away from us.

I am so unhappy with the recent problems I am facing with trading 212. You guys really need to go back to delivering on your promises or I will be pulling my funds.

There is not a £100 minimum requirement for any pie, just a £1 minimum per investment. So it is £100 because you have slices set to 1%. You can easily fix this by making your pie with larger slices. I have pies with minimum order £5, but each slice is 20%.

If you are only investing 1% of £10 at a time (10p) in a stock then dollar cost averaging of monthly 10p purchases is really not going to take you far. I would want to have fewer pies, ones with larger slices or stick with ETFs.


Just tried that thanks for the help :+1:

Another way around it, if you really wanted to keep everything the same, is to break each of the pies up. So your pie no. 1, no. 2… etc. Then each pie will require less, and you just rotate between pies. So you won’t be investing in every company every time, but it lowers the deposit amount


Or just buy shares outside a pie and then import them into your pie. I have done the same with dividends. Turned off DRIP. I can buy fractional shares of the stocks which need more and then move those into my pie.

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