Pie - auto invest cash has not moved

Hi, I have £600 in autoinvest that has been sitting in ‘cash’ for several days - due to the holidays I imagine. I thought it would have been incorporated into my pie by now (US and UK stocks) any ideas anyone?
Many thanks in advance

Mine finished few seconds ago. It was sitting there for the holidays and it took an hour. Probably too many people putting orders

Ahh, thanks Pasquale, I must be too impatient I guess!

No I understand. It is quite slow today, compare to the usual.

Still the case for me, some pies I had to manually kick them into depositing whilst others require higher investment to proceed with purchase.

For example:

biogenetics pie has £40, but it needs additional £146.89 to fund

chip manufacturers pie has £40, but needs additional £57.41 to fund

quantum computing pie has £40, but needs additional £22.84 to fund

And so one for few other ones.

This was not the case prior where I had no issues depositing £40/50 per pie without a problem. It seems to affect pies with more slices by driving up the minnimum funding requirement. Not sure why is this the case, whether a minnimum fractional holding of some security got increased and the easiest on the fly fix is to increase the total amount needed to exceed threshold for that security. Also I’m curious whether if I was to sell £40 from some pie that was funded last month would it let me repurchase it.

Kind of annoying as I have £300 just sitting there doing nothing right now.

Would be great to know from T212 staff whether this bug is a new feature, so I can plan paying into some pies every two month in an interleaved pattern or sell everything in a pie than repurchase with the monthly installment?

the minimums for pie autoinvest have been raised from £//0.2Euro to £//1Euro. this will affect all your pies based on the smallest slice and results in your current situation of needing a lot more funds before it will action.

as it stands you are likely going to see all of those funds sit as cash until the next deposit pushes some of them over the threshold.

Yeah, saw the other thread right after posting this.

That’s a bit annoying, wish it just purchased everything that’s above £1/0.5% in a given pie and did the rest on basis of every few months once threshold is reached.

That was the best thing, replicating ETFs like biotech ones that are unavailable.

Since I already have more than £1 per 0.5% slice is there any disadvantage to selling the pie adding the installment and repurchsing it?

you would end up in the red by the spread per position as well as the uncertainty caused by the fact pie’s are filled via market orders. it would harm your returns so I wouldn’t recommend it.

if you custom allocate the new funds I think it only requires enough for those specific slices to be filled according the new minimum. have only done it once myself so far so not sure on all the finer details.