Your next feature should be to allow to move holdings without selling

you are putting on fees on people without allowing them to change their account (EURO => USD) so at least let a customer leave when he wants without selling and losing his entry points on the various stocks and obligate him on a taxable event of selling.
this and only this needs to be your next feature, nothing social, nothing cool in the app, just allow people to move their holdings to a broker of their choice.

Thank you.


Exactly my speech. We as investors will be forced to act before May with no real options. If I sell all my positions now, I will pay more than € 1,100 in taxes in Germany (26.375%). If I leave my shares at Trading212, then the 0.15% applies to every foreign dividend plus the additional 0.15% when the share is sold later. So what can we do, we are being forced to do something.


A team of lawyers, I would ask @Vedran :wink:

sounds like you would need a whole firm of lawyers to try and force a company to add a feature they are not required to provide :man_shrugging:


I think I’m correct in thinking the FCA looked into forcing firms to do this before deciding it wasn’t worth the effort.

You have no legal case. There has been no breach of contract and you have not been wronged. You can only take a company to court if they have acted unlawfully. That hasn’t happened.

The T&C didn’t had a single word about the transfer of positions until now:

13.13. Trading 212 will not facilitate the transfer of Investments to another firm. The Investments held in your account will need to be liquidated and cash can be transferred to another firm. Similarly, any Investments held with another firm cannot be transferred to your account with Trading 212 but cash can be transferred instead. Investments cannot be put into certificate form and mailed. Liquidations of Investments may result in additional charges imposed by third parties (this can include, but not limitedto government fees and levies, bank charges, etc.)

So I guess this feature won’t be there in the near future.

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they did originally have wording to the effect of providing the transfer of investments, however it was put in ahead of them trying to work on the process to get it added, and when it became clear they weren’t going to be able to do so any time soon, changed the wording to prevent further misunderstandings.

things like this are best revisited once a year when the situation and conditions have had time to change.

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Like thieves in the darkness, lure you in, then locking you inside and prevents you from taking what is yours in case you are not happy, great customer service


no broker can prevent you from leaving. your post is misleading


But when you sell your holdings, you pay the taxes with the profits right? You are essentially crystallising early if you decide to sell now. The only thing you lose out on, is dividends paid on the tax element if you buy the same stock elsewhere, I get that.

Have you worked out the monetary impact?

Given your name, I’m assuming you like dividend stocks.

Lets say you have a €30k balance invested in stocks that generate an impressive 10% yield. That is €3k in returns a year, excellent! If that is all generated from foreign stocks, then from your €3k in dividends, with the introduction of a 0.15% FX conversion fee, you would receive €4.5 less per year, before taxes. I don’t think that sounds that bad a deal?

The second part, lets say you decide to repatriate or sell your €30k balance back to € after the change, again all held in foreign stocks. 30k x 0.15% is €45. That is a little more I agree, and for me would cover a round of drinks with friends, possibly two depending who turns up.

Helping contribute to the development of 212 through this 0.15% FX fee over many years, is significantly less than crystallising your 26.375% of taxes now.

I don’t know - perhaps you have the option of other brokers which are cheaper than Trading212 to operate on. Perhaps a thought could be to hold your positions at 212, so you don’t crystallise the taxes payable to your government on your profits now, but at a later date of your choosing - say if the stock market drops below your purchase price, you could then sell out and transfer to a cheaper broker removing or reducing the need to pay taxes to the government on profit?


So if you do not have a breach of contract you have no case? Wish it would be that straight forward, which it is not. When you advertise a falsehood, you can not start a legal case because you have no contract that has been breached, please go learn how law works before stating nonsense.

You might want to go back and read the part of the discussion I was referring to because you have put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5.
The discussion was about not being able to transfer shares to another broker. The company have never advertised that you can (that I am aware of).

+1 same issue, want to change my account currency from USD to EUR since the introduction of fee when adding money via debit cards, if i do a bank transaction which is free but the bank will charge a high currency exchange previously i was using Revolut with no problem but after the 2000 $ deposit limit its not attractive anymore

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@Dividendenfreunde Hey there, also from Germany. Totally unrelated but have you done your tax filing for the year 2020? Did you use any tool to calculate the tax amount or do it manually?

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Hi :wave:t2:
Ja ich hab für 2020 bereits die Steuern gemacht. Am besten gibst du alles deinem Steuerberater ab, würde ihm alle Trades und Dividendenerträge per CSV Liste geben.
Danach füllt er den Rest aus. Meinen Freistellungsauftrag mit 801€ hab ich bei TradeRepublic hinterlegt.
Ich hoffe so sehr auf die Transfer Möglichkeiten, dann bin ich endlich hier raus und kann entspannt mein Depot nach oben bringen.