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The company accounts say that in the CFD business Trading 212 operates “on a matched principal basis, fully hedging all client positions and profiting from a tighter spread offered by its counterparties than it offers to its clients.”

That is why I feel it is a misapprehension to think of Trading 212’s income as generated by client losses. Because they operate the business with full hedging, Trading 212’s profit depends on volume of activity, including both client gains and losses. It is not as if every loss to a client is a gain to Trading 212 and every gain by a client is a loss to Trading 212. The incentive will be for Trading 212 to increase volume and remain competitive by offering a service that compares favourably with other CFD providers. Subject to earning a margin after covering their costs of infrastructure, administration, hedging with their counterparties and overnight interest, Trading 212 will actually have the incentive to see its customers profitable and happy with the service so that their platform is preferred to alternatives. It is the same with any business that provides a service.

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Yes Richard and I have looked into it before with the team, and they do not make money off your loses and therefore they have no interest in the profitability of users. I haven’t watched your video yet I haven’t had a chance, but it’s just to make you aware that Trading 212 do not have a conflict of interest with it’s users.
To simplify, Trading 212 makes money in 3 ways I believe:

  1. Spread on CFDs There is a small markup on the spread on orders and Trading 212 profit from this small markup.
  2. Share lending On the Invest section of the app, the shares you own may be loaned out to people with short positions and Trading 212 claim the interest on this.
  3. I’m pretty sure about this one, but not 100%. Bank Interest the free funds in your account is held in a cash bank account and Trading 212 will make interest on this.

I’ve been meaning to make a video clarifying this with the official wording from Trading 212, haven’t got around to it yet though. I’ll be sure to post it when I do!

Hey T212 Community

Well this week was an interesting week for WORKHORSE #WKHS Stock, dropping over 25% at the start of the week

Only to recover 12% on Friday as we find out Cathie Woods Ark Invest loaded up on the dips

As well as new major developments regarding the USPS contract value and longer range achievements with the C Series trucks

I created a video breaking it all down and hope you gain some value

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@Emmanuel, there’s a dedicated thread for YouTubers to peddle their wares. I’m moving this thread there. Can you chuck any future vids in there please. Cheers.

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I went to buy a lottery ticket last week, on my way I realised I was too late so I did the next best thing I threw the money out of the window.

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This tutorial shows you a step by step guide how to move funds (from cfd to invest), same principal should follow for transferring to or from isa account

Here is a step by step video explaining how you can fund your (invest) account through paypal

Here is a step by step video explaining how you can fund your (invest) account through paypal [How To Fund Your Trading 212 Accounts With PayPal | Tutorial]

I started the channel as a way to document my trading212 account growth (Videos still on the channel). But given the saturation of that market, I pivoted. The channel now documents my Algo’s journey in the market as it trades US equities.
Subscribe to The AI Hedge Fund Show if you want to help the Algo conquer the markets.

Hey folks, just came across this thread and figured I would share My Investment Journey playlist with Trading 212. :chart_with_downwards_trend::bar_chart::chart_with_upwards_trend:

I started investing as a complete beginner back in April (UK lockdown) and have been documenting my journey since. Being completely transparent through my videos on YouTube helps me stay accountable and help others looking to get involved with investing too.

I’m now just short of 500 subscribers, and I would really appreciate if you could check out my videos and let me know your thoughts.

Playlist link:

Massive thanks! This is a brilliant community and I’m happy to be part of it - best of luck with your investments people! :moneybag:



In today’s video we go over some of my favourite dividend stocks as well as showing you my personal dividend picks!

$KO has paid out dividends since 1964 with a current yield of 3.2%! With a healthy dividend safety score of 88 out of 100, this may be a safe dividend pick to go for and it is one I have went for too!

$VZ is a very strong communications and technology company yielding over a 4% dividend yield. With manageable long-term debt and strong cash-flows forecast to increase from $18bn to $19bn this year, is potentially another pick to go for and one I also have in my portfolio.

$JNJ is a state of the art medical stock. It has a whopping dividend safety score of over 95 out of 100 and is potentially one of the safest dividend picks on Wall Street! Supported by a nice and healthy profit margin as well as cash flows generated from operations, one that I took in my portfolio.

Others that I go over in brief in this video include $SBUX who have just raised their dividends by 10% YoY and who also have current cash on hand of over $4.2bn dollars! It’s safe to say that COVID has hit Starbucks hard, but their drive through business seems to be offsetting the hardships caused by store and coffee shop closures. In addition to Starbucks, I also go over in brief on $MCD (who too have a similar story with Starbucks!).

Make sure to check out the video for other stocks that I have in the pie and portfolio and do make sure to do your own independent research as I am not a financial advisor! I merely document my personal investing journey.

Another quick and interesting video to show friends and family who don’t invest how beneficial it is for them to dip their toes in right now instead of “waiting until they have the money”.

Where do you think the best place to run a group chat is for my Channel? I know everybody uses discord but I haven’t used it, would it be the best?

Group chat?
  • Discord
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat :joy:
  • Anywhere else?

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Ok I made a discord, hopefully can get a few people in here :slight_smile:

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A good mate of mine and a top bloke.

Nice one Cavan, I’ll check this out later on! :+1:

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My latest Trading 212 portfolio update is now on YouTube. Check it out if you’re interested and please consider subscribing to my channel!

Thanks - I appreciate the support! :raised_hands:


Hey guys, with a bit more time on my hands recently I thought I would make some videos too, loved the videos you guys too. Just did my first one:

Would be great to get some likes and subscribers :smiley: I will follow yours back to of course


Hey guys, I smashed out another one as didnt want my new channel to just have 1 video, will add more soon too.


Hey guys, this is such a cool thread/idea. Love helping others grow!

Anyways, here is my latest video on REIT’s and why I love them.

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