1 day graph errors? Is it just me?

Hi all, just wanted to check whether I’m missing something here or whether the 1 day graph is displaying the days -/+ incorrectly? For instance, it’s clear to see the closing price for AMD is higher than the opening price for the day, so surely it should be showing in green with a positive number?? I’ve included other examples below, curious to know your thoughts, thanks.

At the same time there are 1 day graphs that are showing as green and positive but the positive change in value is incorrect, for example…

Looks like the +/- and colour are based on change from previous close price to close price.

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Hey, @mani212 - thank you for bringing this to our attention and Happy New Year! :tada:

@stehuk is right here - the values that you see are calculated against the previous day’s closing price of the instrument you’re looking at.

Using your first example, AMD closed with a price of $64.80 on Thursday, December 29th, and with a price of $64.77 on Friday, December 30th resulting in a decrease of $0.03 (-0.05%) from the last close.

The same logic can be applied to all the examples you provided, including AAPL and META. Still, feel free to reply in this thread or send me a private message if you have any other questions :pray:

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Excellent - thank you for clarifying, much appreciated :grin: :+1:

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