Percentage Today Confusion?


Can someone please explain the % +/- calculation when viewing the stock summary for ‘Today’ when in 1 day mode?

It doesn’t appear to fall in line with the actual % movement for the trading day e.g. based on previous days closing price. So am wondering what value this actually represents?

Around 4pm GMT, it was showing Peloton as 0.5% up, when it actuality it was -4%! Is the 1D view based on 24hrs prior - so 4pm today vs 4pm yesterday? How can we simply view the price movement today vs yesterdays closing price?

Thanks in advance

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I’m sure there’s a bug with this on the desktop, if you leave the browser open then the market opens all these ‘today’ percentages are wrong until you refresh, so this could explain any big differences you are seeing.

I think the Today calculation is just a simple difference between open price and current price but could get confusing as after hours is not included, as an example:

day 1, market closes: 100
day 1, after hours goes to 110
day 2, opens 110
day 2, drops to to 105

Today reports as DOWN as it’s a simple difference between open and current price, even though it seems like it should be up since it is actually higher now than the previous day close.


Thanks. Glad I wasn’t the only way as thought I was going crazy! This definitely needs to be fixed or clarified, as its really misleading. We should have option to view after hours close, pre market etc. by default. Its crucial to assessing performance and whether to make a trade. Am sure a lot of people are having other scanners and sites open e.g. Yahoo Finance, to analyse the movement, which makes the desktop app pointless other than buying/selling. Hopefully they can fix this and perhaps even develop it with some of the additional insight. Fingers crossed.