Trading chart errors

What’s going on with platform charts, randomly stocks charts not reflecting the reality,

Hello there :wave:

Could you be more specific with the issue? Have you any example to provide, maybe a screenshot?

This is from yesterday close.APPL closed last night on plus 3.42% and NIO +1,79% yahoo finance

This is just a quick look, but this happens daily basis with all of them, chart is on plus but still stay in red etc

Hey @Nicolae2008, thanks for bringing this to the attention.

We ran a check, and the numbers on our end match with other sources (+3.41% for AAPL and +1.79% for NIO).

I’ve sent you a DM so we can check further what may be causing the discrepancy on your end.

Edit: I can see that you’re referring to the CFD charts on your screenshots. NIO and AAPL are traded during the extended market hours, so the percentage differs from our Invest platform. Other sources such as Yahoo Finance don’t use out-of-hours prices, as @Dougal1984 mentioned below.

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Different sources quote different prices. I think Yahoo Finance is last traded. You also get Bid/Mid/Offer, and some sources dont go with the out of hours prices, but those quoted while the exchange is open for trading. Out of hours trading can be prone to wider bid/ask spreads, and are not in general a good indication of on market trading.

I would take most charts as ‘indicative’ unless you pay for the service and its clear what is provided.


Thank you for DM, login out and worked out , now it seems alright, it’s annoying when you realise some things require simple solutions , thank you lads.


Sorry lads is playing around again , print screen in real time

What is your second source - Google, which uses last traded rather than the offer price that AFAIK 212 graphs use?

If so, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

EDIT: Golden source - the exchange(that shows last traded):

Last traded was $156.79 on the 27th, so with a 15 minute lag on the $156.55, you have a drop of $0.24 or 0.15% on the last traded price.

Unfortunately I dont think there is a free feed I can share for the ask price to prove that what you see in the app is also correct. They are both reflecting different information, from different sources, so you will get different results. Perhaps someone with a Bloomberg/Refinitiv terminal can prove the difference is valid(or not) due to the different prices each show you?

I’m not relate to the price, check the percentage .discrepancy .
My second source is Yahoo finance ,

Lol I wonder if it is then a timing glitch as looks ok on mine.

You can imagine I’m confused every time I open the app, normally my eyes goes first on percentage and when you see 8% up and then you check the price :triumph: doesn’t add up, you go on Yahoo finance and realise is a glitch
I’ve log of, deleted the app, reinstal and same story

Definitely looks weird.

I can’t say I haven’t encountered the issue, but I’ve not noticed if I had.

Maybe contact the support through the in-App chat for technical assistance?

This is screenshot of APPLE at 15:37 01/08/2022
Customer service says nothing wrong with that