1 position and its money disappeared from portfolio

Hi everyone,

My entire Tesla position and my 80 usd disappeared today from my portfolio.
I din’t sell any of it, but this position and my money disappeared today.
The money is not in the portfolio as free fund, and there is no track of sell of this position in my history.

Can someone advise on this bug?



This is due to the stock split, you must have only had a fractional amount of Tesla like myself. If you look the money will be in your free funds or your pie cash depending on how it was bought. Your profit will appear as a deposit in your history.

Hope this helps.

Doesnt make much sense to me… Why would these people’s positions not just 5x like everyone else’s?

I’m not sure why fractional were not eligible. It’s a little annoying but not a big deal, I’ve set up orders for both Tesla and Apple to be executed on Monday so putting the money straight back in.

I am pretty sure money didn’t disappear, it just went to free funds, as have in many other portfolios, mine also had TSLA/APPLE positions sold, as per T212 communication on split shares.

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