Disappearing of funds

Dear Community,

I hereby complain to you for the unlawful withdrawal of funds.

I sold 2200 shares of hexo on limit order using my trading 212 invest account today (09/06/2020) as soon as the market opened. Once that was processed i got a message saying something related to negative balance. Right now I can see everything is zero in my portfolio section whereas in the top middle I can see only some of my my funds. The rest are missing. I even deposited further funds to see if that would help bring them back but it didn’t. Please help!

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If you’ve sold all your portfolio it would show as 0 balance surely? You can see that it has went from a certain figure to today’s 0 (as sold off). Have you checked the trade has actually fulfilled yet?

Please ignore the portfolio screenshot. A big chunk of my free funds vanished after I closed my positions. As a result I went into history and notifications to see what happened. Apparently the same time I closed my position on the stock I was trading the application by itself was buying back the same amount of shares by itself at a lower price but at the same time? I had no limit order to buy in the first place so I don’t know how that happened. It said ‘order placed on your behalf’ and underneath it said ‘this order was placed to protect you from a negative balance’. There were many purchases that had this message. I will share a screenshot underneath. The funny thing is even if this was the case I have no opened positions. So why did this happen? And if it did Where is it?

No idea mate. Looks like it’s protecting you from something but what, I can’t understand. Send support an email and hopefully someone can help you out. Be great to hear what it is as this place I’m learning more and more each day from peoples problems :slight_smile:

Postive from negative and all that

Still no word from them mate. Thanks for showing your support. Appreciate it. All the best to you.

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Was a technical glitch today resulting in a big influx of support tickets. I’m still awaiting a reply myself but, once in the queue it’s only a matter of time before it’s seen to

Other users experienced similar issues but their account values increased instead lol.

I sold 2200 shares of hexo as soon as the market opened today and suddenly a huge portion of my funds disappeared. After looking into this I have found that instead of selling 2200 shares it sold 3300 and then re bought 2200 for no odd reason at a lower price by itself. Stating that this position was bought on my behlf to protect my account from a negative balance.
That is what my history tells me but in reality a huge portion of my funds just disappeared nor do I have any open positions.

Unfortunately mine decreased in value lol

My funds vanished too. How did you lose yours?

I think it’s better if you contact someone of the customer team. This guy needs some help. @Team212 @David Thanks

Thanks for showing your concern pal. I’ve received a forwarded email. Let’s see what happens.

I wonder if it’s the same issue described in this thread:

Of course! Please let us know what happen, in case they answer by email. It’s good to learn from others experiences


@Sab We’ve made the necessary correction - please, confirm if everything’s okay. :slight_smile:

The issue was that you had a limit sell but also placed a market sell which didn’t cancel the limit sell in time & you basically managed to sell twice what you actually owned. However, our correcting execution wasn’t calculated correctly & caused some discrepancies. We deployed a fix so that shouldn’t happen in the future.

Thank you @David for finally getting in touch. I have received a deposit of £(X amount) which must’ve been the amount that was withdrawn from my account. However, the initial email received mentioned that I will be compensated for this glitch on your behalf. Please tell me what is the compensation in this?

Nice to see refunds coming in none the less