£1500 Profit in 7 Days Investing Using Trading 212 | Simple Strategy Explained

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Thought I would share, I hope you find it useful. Not the best trader/investor by any means but I’m still learning and wanted to celebrate/document this big win.

Here’s the video https://youtu.be/wdPZaEbQ-yE

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It does require a good amount to play with and the balls to chuck it all in on when you think it’s the bottom of the dip, and then :crossed_fingers: it’s back up 10% and not down another further 10% and you’ve got four months waiting to just break even again.

I find it so hard seeing a minus even though I know it’ll be up in a week or so.

I’ve been trying to play the healthcare sector but it’s so volatile. Especially when playing the penny stocks and each being pumped and dumped every few days.

One of :grimacing: things I’ve found is T212 sometimes gets stuck on processing on market orders and you are :grimacing: like I’m please execute now and not in 5 mins time, especially on those stocks that can be +/- 10% within minutes.

I need to probably make larger bets on fewer than spread £50s here and there.

Like here’s two days ago on IBIO and I know it’s going up 10%+. If I had £10k to play with it’s easy to make money.

Here it was stuck on processing as an example at 1.34 and you can’t cancel or anything. Three minutes it took, and luckily shot up seconds after executing.

Whilst with 12.53% up on 40 shares you’ve made a quick fiver. :joy: it would have been nice to have had money to buy 400 or 4000, or 40,000 shares at that point.

Hi Phil!

Damn! Look at those sweet returns on Greatland Gold though!

Haha I agree - swing trading is a battle of the mental to say the least. Just got to get in and out of the position quickly and not dwell on it!

Ive actually had a horrible time with GGP and still up. I saw it initially at 4.5p, went to buy it with T212 when it was ~6p and had all kinds of issues buying and selling. Glad to say T212 have now fixed the issues, but it’s probably cost me a grand or two in the long run.

I also fell for the buy the rumour and sell the news so it peaked at 9.5 and then dropped pretty much back to 7.5p where I bought in rather than up to 12p.

I know full well it’s working the 7.5p to 9.5p range until June but I haven’t had the balls to top slice just in case it rockets up and stuck trying to buy in again at 11p. :sweat_smile:

If I had managed to buy at 6p, sell at 9.5p and repeat on the dips that would be a few thousand.

Anyway I’m happy for it to just tick along, whilst I’ve been burnt before with AIM I think it has 30p+ written on it. So from here a fairly safe X3 or X4.

I actually had 50k shares in GGP but sold 10k for a nice profit to play swing trading with the Healthcare penny stocks. That’s kinda working out but I’m a rookie, and I don’t really have the setup or time to keep eyes on it, but like the idea of doubling money within a day.

I’m kinda torn between the making the quick buck but possibly buying duds VS stick it with some stocks and ETFs and stop watching it for a few months.

These penny stocks are going up so even if you miss the entry you can usually break even within a week, but there will probably be a point where they explode in a bad way.

You also have the NVAX and MRNA which has made me money, but I’ve had to work very hard when it’s gone the other way so I’m not left the wrong side of the dump.

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What is working best for me in trading, after trying quite a few things including big single positions, in stocks which i know they will for sure bounce back based on fundamentals, is to keep a max of 10% per stock/commodity/etc and never going below 55% total margin(if at 55% I won’t open new positions anymore). This has allowed me to manage risk much easier so far as, if by any chance, the stock actually drops a further 10% or more I can easily take the hit and just wait it out a bit longer and, if I’m not at the 10% cap yet, can buy some more on the dips(I usually don’t max it out in a single position straight away as it can go down still, so just buy over time). It will also be easier to manage overnight fees/interest, as if its not doing as well as you had thought it would, you can easily just close the positions and take a loss instead of having to wait it out and incur fees and possibly a bigger loss. Plus, with diversity, some can make up for others so it kinda helps out with your margins. No super huge gains in a day, like everyone’s wishing for, but it has been working better overall for me so far. If this works out, I plan to use Cfd to fund my ISA :crossed_fingers:

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