200+ new stocks every week

No really. Only 23 stocks for dividends? No REIT inside. It’s a step in good direction, but not helpful at all ATM. Categories are not obvious. Why Tesla is in speculative, not in growth? Browse by industry leads us to browse by country.


Yup this is a misnomer (Browse by market, region or country would make more sense) and unhelpful: why do we now have to click once more to drill into the full stock universe for a market? @AlexK @David

Wow. That’s more stocks every week than FT’s added in months. Keep 'em coming!

Browse by industry will be renamed to Browse all. This is a known issue and the fix is coming any moment now.


@George could you confirm me this?

@Francesco Switching data vendors won’t immediately affect our historical data. We’re aiming to have it uploaded on all instruments by the end of Q2.


Thanks @David, good to know. :v:

looking forward to this hopefully there will be alot more fractional shares to :slight_smile:

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I would love to invest more to different countries. It would be great

Can you please add Samsung?

Not at the moment I think it’s listed on Korean exchange and we don’t have access to it at the moment. There is ADR listed on LSE but it’s volume may not be high enough for T212 to offer it


After we completely automate the management of corporate events

Do we have an ETA on this?

New system? you mean an update to T212’s platform?

Yes, the major update they talk on this post: Coming in April

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can you please add Facedrive Inc. (FD.V) ?

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what about Samsung on Nasdaq?

Samsung is not traded neither on Nasdaq nor Nyse


Very exciting news! I’m looking forward to getting an even bigger selection. :tada:

Hi Alex,
How is this process going? I’m really struggling finding stocks to swing trade as the screeners suggestions are rarely on this platform, neither are the stocks talked about in groups I’m in so I feel a tad left out at times lol
I’m really hoping these new additions means I have an easier life locating promising trades.