200+ new stocks every week

Pies, a stock can’t be added if it’s not fractional.

Are pies available on the android version? How do I create one? There is no option on the portfolio section

Press the pies tab. Then there is a + button to start the creation of a new pie.

No I don’t have this. Only my portfolio and not + button

It’s still in BETA so you must sign up

@hmodh Adding new stocks is on hold at the moment, the focus from now on will be to add fractional shares, which will also heavily compliment the AutoInvest feature. Expect new additions next week.


@david if you can prioritise Illumina and Wayfair next week, I’ll be your best friend.

Cheers and have a good weekend.


Glad to hear it, agree it’s the way to go. ILMN, MELI, NOW and LITE seem to be among the most frequently requested fractionals.


I second this. Please prioritize especially ILMN & MELI as they’re both highly priced and needs to be in our pies! :slight_smile:

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If I were 212 I would be careful here. Freetrade, as everyone here knows, is a shitty app in comparison to 212. But they do have stocks that 212 doesn’t and that provides a reason to keep assets at FT rather than 212. So while I would welcome more fractionals to improve the pies feature, I would be wary of 212 concentrating on this at the expense of adding new stocks – freetrade has got some momentum up lately on this and it is about the only way they could put a brake on 212’s progress


I follow both lists quite frequently, Freetrade has about 20 stocks that aren’t on T212, whilst T212 has about 2000 that aren’t on Freetrade. :sweat_smile:

But yes I hope T212 are figuring out a solution where by they stop taking requests in a forum, and start collecting them via app/website so that they can instantly see what’s in demand and then you get instant notification once added. Add in a voting system to +1 requests etc

Same goes for fractional, have a small button on the stock that says request fractional. That would give instant feedback to T212 and once it goes over a threshold gets done.


Trading212 and Freetrade don’t need to be arch rivals, they’re both great challengers in this industry going against the incumbents. Both their success is good for us consumers… if you have no investment stake (equity) in either Trading212 nor Freetrade as companies, it’s misguided to disparage either imho.

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I agree and there are loads of other reasons to use 212 that freetrade doesn’t come near – CFDs, practise accounts, better execution etc. But the biggest threat to 212 is not that freetrade will suddenly launch a pies feature (of course they won’t, they can barely launch an investment feature) it’s that freetrade will drop a bunch of stocks that are being requested here and are not being provided by 212. If I were at FT (which I’m not) I would be figuring out what these stocks are pretty quickly.

Agree this would be a great idea to implement. WCLD/KWLD for instance has 20 likes on the OP post and was requested a month ago with comments each week showing it’s highly requested and still not added is a tad frustrating given a while ago 212 were on fire satisfying even obscure community requests.


I agree with this and I also support a more streamlined stock request process, I think it would also make it easier for the team to implement the requests.


There is no worry about freetrade, revolut, degiro or robinhood pulling one over T212 any time soon :laughing:

T212 has already gone through a long process of adding new shares and its simply that they will now alternate that same process with allowing fractionals of their more popular choices. hundreds of stocks are being requested here on a frequent and consistent basis. is freetrade suddenly going to add all of these in order to try and poach some clients? doubtful. there isn’t even a rule declaring you must use only a single platform, so nobody will be lost if they go for those stocks elsewhere when the service and availability of other high-quality shares are easily accessible here doe the majority and main bulk of their transactions.

On the whole however, there are no “threats” among platforms and brokers as service providers, only healthy competition. although the extent of that health can be called into question when you see the rate of T212’s growth while the others just seem to stand around and stagnate. the biggest waves would come from traditional brokers fully adopting the new model of trade as they have access to an unparalleled level of funds capable of bulldozing through the market.

Thanks you for reasserting a substantial amount of what I’d already said. Let’s see what happens, then.

Good point. Fund manager Nick Train whose UK fund invests heavily in Hargreaves Lansdown has written that HL have such huge margins that they will be easily be able to cut fees if they think other plarforms are becoming a serious threat. I wonder. Dinosaur? Sleeping Giant? Or just serving a different type of client?

I would say dinasour​:hear_no_evil: imho. In this day and age of AI, algorithms it’s mind boggling that they can still get away with charging unholy commissions for executing a trade. Back in the ice age, when you needed to buy shares everything was done manually and it was time consuming. Understandably they had to charge a lot as it required people to physically do the job. Now everything is automated and it takes a fraction of a millisecond, which means they can execute millions of trades without breaking a sweat and still make a decent amount from spreads. The amount of money they have taken from me I could have been a millionaire by now if I had been using T 212 :grin:

They clearly don’t see a need to rush. sure they have admitted that the commissions they charge don’t make any significant portion of their profits and so it would be easy to get rid of them completely. I assume the issue comes with being such a longstanding name that is public. they find it harder to make changes when they would like because they have to see if the shareholders will agree to it.