2020 Good Money Guide Awards

Try to mention Trading 212 in the 2020 Good Money Guide Awards. You can choose from 21 different UK brokers, including everything from Hargreaves Lansdown to Freetrade. But Trading 212 is nowhere to be seen. Who did the directors offend?


There was only one place I could really mention it. What a pile of shit, everywhere I look people ignore Trading 212 like it doesn’t exist for some reason

I answered lots of questions about HL, ii and Freetrade pretty fairly. There are aspects with each that I do like however when it got to ‘What could these providers do better?’

Be more like T212 was my answer for each :slight_smile:

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I assumed they don’t show up in UK Broker list as I thought T212 was registered overseas?

Interested to know why companies don’t suggest T212 Services as their platform is more user friendly and professional than FreeTrade.

No. They are a UK company. See


Thank you @Richard.W …Then we all need to bombard the financial sector as i don’t understand why they are missing. i’ve actually not once seem them placed in any top 10-20 list, and just assumed due to other brokers CFD management they were also overseas.

@Team212 Can we do anything as customers to get you recognised on these list?

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The list of 21 does include brokers offering CFDs. For instance IG is listed amongst them. So the fact that Trading 212 offers CFDs cannot itself be a reason for exclusion.

Freetrade has been soliciting votes. With a post saying:

"Last year, we were very happy to win the Good Money Guide Awards ‘People’s Choice’ Award, thanks to your help. Here’s the award hanging with its pals on our window ledge. We’re very happy to be nominated again in the 2020 awards. You can vote for us here and enter the prize draw for a £1,000 Amazon voucher. As always, thanks for your support!

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Come on @Richard.W get together with the other leaders and figure this out so T212 can get some attention, the thought of Freetrade being on the list is humorous as T212 is much better.

I used the “contact us” link to send Good Money Guide a message. Here is the link address you can use to send a message, in case anyone else wishes to do so.

Message: I wanted to participate in the 2020 Good Money Guide Awards survey. However, I was very surprised to find that what I consider the best broker is not listed. Where is TRADING 212? I have used Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ Bell, Interactive Investor, IG and Degrio. Now I put all my new investing with Trading 212. Your survey is really strange to have excluded the UK’s most innovative stocks and shares and ISA provider.

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I think it’s both a bit of a blessing and a curse that T212 are under the radar in the fintech news. Currently all brokers offering free trading are receiving such bad publicity in part due to what’s going on with Robinhood. If I were T212 I would buckle down and focus on making the platform more robust and awesomer😊( couldn’t think of a better word) At the moment they are experiencing massive organic growth and I’m sure once they iron out a few issues they will embark on a major marketing campaign.

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@TsotFin I think there is much in what you say. Trading 212 probably do not need the publicity that comes with being part of such surveys. In terms of brand recognition, Good Money Guide is probably the lesser well known of the two. So who needs who?

I sent them an email, then seen your latest reply haha.

Mate don’t bother with them. We all know T212 is miles ahead of everyone and we don’t need any awards to know we’re better off.

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