Trading 212 Awards and Reviews

Hi everyone, @Richard.W and I were talking about The Wealth Management Awards and as keen community members we want to ask everyone here for their help to support Trading 212, as I’m sure they’re not going to ask themselves.

  • So the Financial Times Awards can be voted for here:

The categories in which it is possible to vote for Trading 212 are

  • Low cost stockbroking
  • Execution-only stockbroking
  • Self select ISA
  • International sharedealing
  • Contracts for difference
  • an individual in the financial services industry that you believe deserves an award for their contribution to services for private investors

If anyone had a few minutes to fill that in that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again everyone, let’s get Trading 212 the recognition they deserve :stars:


It may be worth commenting that neither @cavanhagan or I work for Trading 212. The “Leader” designation under our names simply means we have been posting a lot and received many likes from other users.

I have used many brokers in my time so know pros and cons of the alternatives serving the UK investor. Trading 212 impresses me a lot. The pros are: 0 fees (truely, no catch), 0 commission on currency exchange, fractional shares, autoinvest, pies, invest by value, great client community in which there is active participation by Trading 212 staff. Fast turn around on queries. Continual improvement of an easy-to-use trading app that so as to regularly provide clients with innovative features.

I enjoy the roll out of new features such as autoinvest and pies. We have been told that they intend that shares and pies should become as easily managed as you manage your files and folders on your Mac/PC. This should mean we can move things around without the overhead cost of stamp duty and buy/sell spread.


Done :white_check_mark: now bring on that £1000 prize, or even better ahem send me some Trading212 exclusive merch :billed_cap: @Team212 :wink:

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Thanks for the support everyone. We’re really humbled by the engagement of our community members. :heart:

If we reach 1st place, we’ll multiply the survey prize & donate it to a cause or charity of your liking.


You guys deserve it. Love the service/platform. 99% good. Just need $BAM fractional and ability to reinvest dividends automatically for 100% :slight_smile:



so it’s not about our overall performance as investors? :unamused:


Some says there’s a linear correlation :chart_with_upwards_trend:


I guess I skipped school when they were assigning titles :beers:

Good initiative, voted… :partying_face:

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I also filled in the questionnaire :smiley:.

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