2021 market trend? Your ideas?

I was wondering what the community thinks about the market in 2021? I know that some of the news is already reflected in the market (US election, vaccines out, etc.), but do you think the trend will be flat, positive or negative? Nobody has a crystal ball, but just to discuss among peers

Well I know we can’t predict the future or we would be all very rich but as long as the S&P 500 keeps rising and the US simultaneous package comes out. The US will continue to take the global markets forward with its Tech stock advances. Unsure about the UK market just cause the Brexit but think the UK will be ok once we know what deal wi look like. Merry Christmas and Happy trading in the New Year

apparently today we will know about Brexit for sure. They are going to make an announcement before Christmas…let’s hope good news

Fingers crossed the market implodes. :smiley: :crossed_fingers: :bear::chart_with_downwards_trend:

Tech stock apocalypse.


Tech stocks are in a good spot to grow,
but the next decade is gonna be driven by genomics, gene editing, and generally just curing diseases that we thought couldn’t be cured.

The transition between 2021 - 2030 is gonna be nothing like we seen

Interesting topic. I guess biotechnology can be included in this area you mentioned

Like amazon zombie :rofl:. Jokes aside, I am covering me with more dow Jones at the moment. Only few tech stocks. But tech never stopped since decades

We need cash to buy then.

100%, it’s not like most stocks / services where the human being “can” or “wants” to buy a product or service, curing diseases is a MUST for our species, next decade as ive said will be intressting :slight_smile:

Waiting for some direct AI stocks especially in pharma as the robots are advancing our future.

Anyone know of any direct or percentage driven AI stock?

Isn’t the market due for an extended downtime though?

Like reversion to the mean.
Having a massive 10 year bull run, logic would dictate that the next 10 years could be dormant growth. Take 2000 - 2013ish - completely flat. I’d be more on the side of expecting that, than the prior 10 years.

Plus every valuation metric is basically being killed right now. People are just valuing companies based on ideas of what the companies may become, not so much on what they actually are today.

I’m 99% sure it’s going to be a rubbish next run. Who knows though, maybe i’m wrong :slight_smile:

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Curious as to why you say that?

Although partially true this has been only for the companies that are expected to grow exponentially, the vast majority of the overall market is still undervalued and that’s without incorporating the obvious inflation risk we currently face.
If this doesn’t force company values up I would be very surprised.

Viewing the market based on the last 10 years or the previous 10 to that is very dangerous, you would not only have to view these cycles for 100 years to accurately prove a theory but also be able to accurately judge the minds of investors for the next 10 years.

So much innovation nothing is impossible

If it does revert to the mean, then I guess that there are 2 options:
-Shares dip or stagnate (flat)
-Earnings have to grow to match current valuations.

To be able to delete the genes that make us susceptible to disease is a cure without vaccine

S&P500 :

Any higher and this thing is vertical…

Asia anyone ?


It’s not as easy as that unfortunately.

That’s why I’m curious as to why the above poster thinks genomics will be big. Do they have some reading materials to share or know something we don’t!

Due to China alone this is enough proof that the US stock market must be well nourished, these are very strange times. The markets have to keep on inflating just to maintain current matched growth with the emerging superpower

Gene tweaking isn’t possible already?