Current 2021 expectations

Just would like to know you all opinion regarding a strong trend about a second Market Crash coming up on 2021.

Do you believe it will happen?

Do you guys think it can sink a bit? Get a new dip? Re-test the floor we got on earlier 2020? Do you believe we’re going to face another recession?


Do you believe everything is normal and the World’s economy is completely good at the moment?

sorry if this is not the right topic.

America I really think they messed up. All that stimulas is going to come back to bite them hard. As for the UK I see us being relatively stable. Likely see a correction but nothing to make me hit the big red button.

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2020 is the crazy party where everyone got completely wasted.
2021 is the morning after.

whichever way it goes, up or down, I am not expecting much growth while the various economies are still trying to pick themselves back up. the new more aggressive strain arriving for new years hasn’t made me any more optimistic.

the unfortunate thing I have seen in people around me is this warped delusion that “once 2020 ends, things will be good again”. let’s not forget that 2020 was just the start of a brand new decade… what does that hint at for '21 through '29… :thinking: :confounded:


Think we will continue to trade sideways till the economy catches up. It happens.

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The UK economy or the US?

This year I learned that the US economy doesn’t seem to be tied to the stock market all that much, and that the market is totally irrational (at least to my understanding of how things should work logically). Second wave of COVID? Bullish. Riots in America? Bullish. A company beats earnings by 500%. Tanks. Things like that.

As for 2021, I think widely it’ll be much the same as 2020 for society. Working from home and lockdowns for most, if not all, of the year.

As far as stonks go, I’m slowly topping up my airline/cruise pie until i’ve deposited 2k, and plan to sell the lot next December tentatively. Renewables and genomics seem to be the hot topic going into 2021 imo so I’ll dip my toes here a bit. I finally then have a new YOLO pie going into 2021 which is a bit of a Hail Mary for the next few years but hopefully it pays off.

Said Airline/Cruise pie:

Said YOLO pie:


The US market certainly is completely detached from the actual state of the country. Next year I believe will be very much the same. 2022 may be the year when things get a bit more sensible again, in terms of valuations.

I’ve picked a funny time to read A Random Walk Down Wall Street, because this pattern has happened a lot during the stock markets history. And it doesn’t tend to turn out all that well with certain companies.

That being said, some people have probably missed 10 years of growth to pick value and fair play to them for doing so. But it will all be about timing because it is pretty inevitable that some form of reversal will happen at some stage.

Some will say, but this times different. But why it would be different could only really be down to one point in my opinion. And that is that technology is going to play an even bigger part of our lives for the foreseeable. Does that justify some valuations for companies with little to no revenue? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m just trying to have a balanced portfolio and not load with full growth stocks for the time being.

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That is the definition of YOLO :joy:. And it’s crazy that you’ll probably get some big gains from it!

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin-Miner’s, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle, Genetics, Internet shopping, etc… If you invest in the future, you will have good returns!

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I look into future, so I invest in Oil/Midstream. Or for that matter opposite of what people are putting money into now. Seems like a sure bet.

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Crazy enough to work :man_shrugging:
One I won’t be holding indefinitely anyway, but hopefully it’ll give me some profit.

Hopefully you’re right though, 2022 may become a bit more sensible. Then again - it could easily stay how it is now or get worse! i.e. more Zoom’s, Tesla’s etc. There has to be a reversal though, stocks have been on a non-stop moon mission for a long time now.

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I’ve started a pie like that but I don’t have the balls for it :joy:

This is my one for the USA

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They have good dividends, I sold all my positions in Oil/Midstream, after average 30% gains and twice dividend. Not much more upside potential for me. If I can do +40% gains in some weeks with “future stock’s” instead with Oil/Midstream I have to wait month’s for the same gains. I felt my money is stuck in these old economy stock’s.

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Virgin Galactic and Canoo. Very much so a YOLO play. Fortune could favour the brave.

Good pie though, those two aforementioned stocks are counter-balanced by Disney and Google I’d reckon. A few middle of the road stocks then in terms of yolo-ness in the middle.

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In hindsight for the short term I should just traded Virgin and Canoo. Have an average price of 18 and 11 so it would of locked in some good gains.


Those gains of 40% weekly won’t last forever.

“This time it is different.” Rite?


They are not weekly, in some weeks… . But I see, you like your strategy. How could you miss out Bitcoin’s run from the 3000? Because you invest in Oil/Midstream. No offense, but sometimes you have to change your strategy. Oil/Midstream will have a good 2021, 2022, 2023, but what comes after?

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The US market, not as sure about UK.

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I don’t invest in “ether” because that is what crypto is. Nothing.

It’s fine for other to put their hard earned cash, if they wish so. I don’t have FOMO about crypto nor EV/Renewable or any new FOTM sector.

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I feel the same way about crypto and electric vechiles, although I believe in renewable energy


Problem is, the big institutional investors and Wall Street is believing in it (in crypto they just started) and this assets are gaining fast! You have to be where the money is and also just trading and take some gains. Don’t be emotional or believing to much in the quality of your assets. It’s like a game/bet.

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