2021 market trend? Your ideas?

I’d fully expect it to hit 4000 - then it’s anyones guess.

Hitting 4k is going to be a mental place every trader will be expecting it to go to next.
Then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - down she comes :smiley: :crossed_fingers: :coffin:

It absolutely is. Switching genes on and off to stop disease isn’t an ideal approach though.

Based on current theory or future? Innovation is what he is talking about. Nothing is possible until it is

Crispr Geneeddeting will allow family diseases to be detected, transceipted, and cured

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I’m just curious as to what information he is reading. I’m not interested in a discussion on health and tech, I’m on holidays!!

Switch the app off then?


As of shy i day it will be big, regarding the future, theres a lot of things science is limited to today, tho the disease sector and the genesector is a mad advancing category, it’s still at it’s baby steps.

AI tech will make massive steps in the next decade I’m sure of that

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Nah. I was looking for info on investing.

@InvestOnly yes I agree this will be strongly pursued in future.

Any thoughts anyone?

So good investment advice from him then? Relevant and good enough to disturb your holidays?

Tonnes. Every large tech company is AI driven these days. All the big guys, you name it, they have machine learning as part of their core. Amazon, Tesla, Google etc. Even the smaller players are using machine learning these days as it’s becoming more and more accessible.

Any luck the genetics of the future can help with your temper Lenos :wink: haa
Switch that angry gene on n off :laughing:


Where’s the temper? I’m just replying based on the comments I receive

Just pulling your :leg:

Finally you make a post worth deleting and yet you save it :grin:


On other news - Boris the gonzo finally did something :

Deal is in place I hear :eyes:

It smells like the dot.com times?! :wink:

In the that years, every internet or tech stock could rise money and/or climb like a rocket, even if they have no assets. (SPAC any one? :wink: )

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The IPO’s this year at testament to that.

We are weeks away from knowing what’s actually in it though, amazing how it’s good news now we have a trade deal yet for the last 4 years its been bad news we haven’t secured one yet.