Most Wanted Features Poll 2023

Following on from last years thread, here is an updated poll to show 212 what is most important to Customers/Forum users.

Get voting on your top 5, and let’s see if/what 212 manage to deliver(if any) in 2023!

  • New Market - Australia :australia:
  • New Market - Canada :canada:
  • New Market - Denmark :denmark:
  • New Market - Estonia :estonia:
  • New Market - Hong Kong :hong_kong:
  • New Market - Hungary :hungary:
  • New Market - Israel :israel:
  • New Market - Italy :it:
  • New Market - Japan :jp:
  • New Market - Latvia :latvia:
  • New Market - Lithuania :lithuania:
  • New Market - Mexico :mexico:
  • New Market - Norway :norway:
  • New Marker - Poland :poland:
  • New Market - Singapore :singapore:
  • New Market - Sweden :sweden:
  • New Market - UK :uk: ASX Segment
  • Pies :pie: - Automatic rebalancing
  • Pies :pie: - Pies of Pies.
  • Pies :pie: - set autoinvest times to correlate with start / mid / end market.
  • Portfolio Data - Analyst Forecasts in app.
  • Portfolio Data - Custom PDF Holding reports - All / Pie level / security level at a set date (to help say claim for investor perks).
  • Portfolio Data - Dividend data / diary.
  • Portfolio Data - Dynamic History tab - selectable start/end dates to say align with calendar or tax reporting years. Improved Tax Reporting.
  • Portfolio Data - More ETF data.
  • Portfolio Data - More Price Alerts
  • Portfolio Data - Option to add notes in app.
  • Portfolio Data - Performance - Time weighted Rate of a return at pie/portfolio level vs chosen benchmark.
  • Portfolio Data - Reinstate Bid/Ask quotes.
  • Product Expansion - Bonds
  • Product Expansion - Extended Hours Trading
  • Product Expansion - LISAs
  • Product Expansion - Mutual Funds
  • Product Expansion - Options Trading
  • Product Expansion - SIPPs
  • Product Expansion - Tradingview Direct Integration
  • Other - API connection to external parties - Wallmine for example.
  • Other - Limit Orders for fractional Shares
  • Other - Inspecie Transfer (transferring in/out of stocks with another broker).
  • Other - Option to blur out portfolio values in web / app view.

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Here is a link to last years thread, that includes some updates from 212 on what they were working on / implemented in 2022:

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Bumping the thread for visibility :slight_smile:


Just realised there’s a lot there I’d really like!


Good stuff - a same old ‘hope I got most things on the list’ - but if not, I can’t edit it so :sweat_smile:

Interesting to see what’s a priority out there though, but would probably need a better sample size for that. Not that we are guaranteed to get any but you know :crossed_fingers:


I’ve put it on the in-app community for you so hopefully some people come over and vote.


Too old for a LISA :wink: but would be interested in a JISA

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I think the topic should be pinned. :slight_smile:

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Fractional limit orders currently in 4th place. Hope it gets some love this year, it’s number one on my list.

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Transferring in/out of an Isa to another brokerage and a full dividend page telling us how much and when we will be getting dividends would be my top two choices.


Wasn’t sure how many I could vote for, till I saw the disabled button. Had to go back and pick just 5 :frowning:

Turns out my wishes are quite average, they’re all in in the top 8. Had to drop out Options Trading, which I’d still love.


By limiting the options, it helps focus the key items. :blush:


What would be particularly good is being able to specify which stocks in your portfolio you want to in-specie in or out. I don’t believe IB allow this yet either.

There are some I want to move but not all.

Best iPad App, with pies… iPad is the future

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I would also the following 2:

  1. multi currency holdings
  2. bank account in Europe to avoid delays and extra fees for bank transfers.

so what is next on this ?

is there a way we can get access to the expected 12 month roadmap for the product ? i.e Monzo style …

You’ve probably noticed already, but Limit, Stop, and Stop-Limit orders on fractional shares are now available.

We can mark “Other - Limit Orders for fractional shares” as done :wink:


Where is Flexible ISA feature?

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Is there any news on whether we might get some of these features this year that aren’t ISA transfers or extended trading.

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