2024 most wanted features

Sorry T212! :grinning:

Post your most wanted feature for 2024, and perhaps when we have collected enough we can make a poll.

Mine would be to bring back the spread bid /ask prices.


  • Bring back spread bid / ask prices
  • iOS widget support
  • Fractional Bonds (in several currencies)
  • Multi sessions of the T212 platform (tabs / windows)
  • Pies within pies
  • Better Pie features (see comments)
  • SIPP
  • Trailing stop loss in ISA/invest
  • Order expiry date (not just “never” or end of day)
  • Options trading
  • Better performance indicators & portfolio/wealth management tools (see comments)
  • New average price calc when entering a buy order
  • JISA
  • Flexible ISA
  • LISA
  • Mutual Funds
  • Dividend Dashboard (dividend calendar, tracking, alerts, see comments)
  • More community features (block people etc, see comments)
  • Better data export options
  • Improved searching and filtering & Configurable/customisable stock screener
  • Better organisation of stocks (folders etc, see comments)
  • Crypto ETP for the non-UK residents present in T212 UK
  • New exchanges (see comments)
  • Seeing through ETFs to the underlying stocks (ETF div yield & composition)
  • Alerts improvements & options (see comments)
  • More pre/after market trading in cfd
  • “Take profit” orders (see comments)
  • Yahoo finance integration
  • Improvements to find and see shares which have a pending order (limit buy for example)
  • Smoother, faster app on Android
  • Direct Debit Scheduled Payments - having full flexibility for scheduled payments outside pies
  • Better Dividend Payments Options (see comments)
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iOS widget support


Why apologise? :smiley: I’ll pin the topic for a while to hopefully get more suggestions.


Well, some food for thought:

  • Fractional Bonds (in several currencies) **
  • Multi sessions of the T212 platform, both in several tabs/windows (browser) and computer/mobile
  • Dividend Calendar tab (like the ones on the left side of T212 Desktop) with ex-dividend date, payment date and dividend value
  • Income Dashboard tab (like the ones on the left side of T212 Desktop) that aggregates all capital gains, dividends, interest on cash (for each currency), interest on shares, and another future sources of income. In both local currency and all converted to the account currency
  • Export Portfolio in Excel file.
  • Export Pies in Excel file
  • Export instruments available on T212 (ISIN, Ticker/Symbol, Name, Exchange, Currency, Type) in Excel file
  • More portfolio/wealth management tools tab (like the ones on the left side of T212 Desktop), that show every month performance, with returns and volatility at least, asset type allocation weights, country weights, etc. Possibility of adding some benchmarks (e.g. MSCI World USD/EUR/GBP; S&P 500 USD/EUR/GBP; STOXX 50, etc.)
  • Crypto ETP for the non-UK residents present in T212 UK

** Some neobrokers already started to offer fractional bonds, including in several currencies, both government and corporate bonds.


For the new stock exchanges fans, l leave some possibilities (markets available in IBKR):

→ Maybe creating a separate poll with all the possible stock exchanges to find out the most wanted ones.




NOTE 1: According to IBKR, about the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE):

Stocks on the NSE are only available to Indian residents.

NOTE 2: The German stock exchanges GETTEX and Tradegate have Extended Market Hours trading (including foreign stocks in EUR, for example, US stocks denominated in EUR).


Pies within pies would be my most wanted feature.


Seeing through my ETFs to the underlying stocks

Seeing the total net position/net % of all my underlying ETF holdings in a portfolio view

Since I own TSLA in about 5 ETFs I want to know, for example:

TSLA : 10%
AMZN: 5%

and so on

1 . Would be super interesting
2. Would stop me becoming over concentrated without knowing it


Ability to have 0% slices in pies.


Visibility of bid/offer


Sort out the repeated 5% or 10% alerts so that you don’t get repeated volatility alerts for basically the same price its just the T212 going between bid and offer with a large spread triggering the alerts because of the lack of bid/offer

Trailing stop loss in ISA/invest

Have order expiry date not just “never” or end of day

include more pre/after market trading in cfd (at present it only seems to be very selected stock)

Dividend calendar/alerts (alerts = notification of forthcoming exD date - ie 2 days notice)

configurable/customisable stock screener



In specie transfer would be welcomed


CSV portfolio export (with tickers).


buy / sell (bid/ask) price


Inspecie Transfer (transferring in/out of stocks with another broker) has been a top request every year, and the answers are always the same, “we’re working on it and can’t provide an ETA”


Would be great if options trading is introduced


An improvement on the portfolio performance and something to be able to compare with a benchmark at our choice.

  1. Ability to block people.
  2. Harsher punishments for posting off topic posts in designated forums e.g memes in the dividends forums.
  3. Auto dividends withdraw into bank account, with the ability to set to an amount or time e.g monthly or once £100 is reached etc.

I forgot Options on my list. Yes OPTIONS would be fantastic. Very high on my wish list and I think it would be very successful for T212


The most wanted and most needed and crucial function is 100% performance indicators. At the moment nobody knows how the portfolio/pie is performing YTD, on a monthly or weekly basis, and nobody knows how is performing against a benchmark.

The ultimate goal of investing is maximizing returns and on Trading212 we cannot see such data. I have to pay an external website to import data and calculate that for me and that is unbelievable.


To add one to my list:

I would like to be able to add take profit to a buy order so I can place limit buy orders in the ISA account and include a take profit order within the limit buy. I don’t use stop losses but obviously it should probably include the option to include a stop loss within the buy order.

I have seen other people comment on other threads that there needs to be the facility to put a combined stop loss and take profit order (ie buy 10 shares and have concurrent stop loss and take profit orders against that 10 share holding)