2022 New 212 Features


At the moment, we do not consider increasing the number of price alerts, however, you can be sure that we have your suggestion in mind.


Some sort of Dividend tracker, showing future dividend payments, rather than just past payments.


free regular deposit so i can fill my isa allowance over the year

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@bmbm365 I believe you can do this already - I have a standing order but I need to log in to the app and tell it what to do with the funds. Hence why I suggested if we could extend the reference code to match with a Pie, the app would know what to do automagically.

How about we summarise all the ideas sofar, have a vote, see what are say the top 5, and then ask 212 if development would be possible in the near future and if the community could help with any testing?

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Yes please!

Performance indicators and chart visualizations of our assets on a per stock/ETF or per-pie basis, and obviously the whole portfolio one.
But even better than that, would be to have the computation of our dollar and time weighted average returns per stock/ETF/pie/portfolio.

I mean, how can I compare the performance of my pie vs S&P500 for example, if I invested in my pie at different times throughout the year and with differents amounts? Thus, different amounts were exposed to the market and accruing returns during different timeframes, therefore, overall real return is an weighted average between these…

Also on that topic, the daily absolute/% change (toggle) of each security/pie/portfolio. The only thing DEGIRO has better in UI/UX is that part.


Another very simple convenient addition that should definitely be made is that Stocks/ETFs are clickable through the Pie holdings view.
It is really annoying to have to come out of all those windows in pie view to search for the specific security and look at the chart & info.

Why can’t I just click on the stock on that pie and open it?


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On a different topic, and I get it, that would be much difficult but sweet to have in a mid-term future.

Options market with fractional contracts.

Otherwise buying or selling an option of a regular S&P 500 company you kind have to sell your house to do so at the moment, unless your filthy rich!!

Also, how about returning the Referral Program to European countries? I mean, I’ve already referred 3 or 4 people into T212 (some even out of DEGIRO) which actually deposited and invested at least a few hundreds or thousands.

And nothing in return :S

I’d be more prone to do so again if there was an attractive referral program in place.

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More dividend information on the stocks owned such as ex dates, payment dates and dividend cuts, maybe presented in the events calendar? I currently pay to see this information on other apps and would be willing to pay Trading 212 instead.


In no particular order

  • Portfolio transfer functionality
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Better portfolio performance visualization
  • Better filters

Now it’s time to see which have the most priority to users - get voting :ballot_box:

(Hopefully not missed anything but if so :upside_down_face:)

Trading212 team

I would like to see in the graphs of each share that I own. The point marked on the graph of each purchase, date, time and entry price.



Not necessarily just dividend information but if t212 were to improve the reliability of the stock information and ratios that would certainly be a service worth paying for.


In the meantime, Dividend Max is a very useful website for dividend info.

Please see this thread - apologies if I missed anything, didnt realise you also couldn’t edit a poll after a period of time from its creation if anything was found.


Portfolio Data - Different means of calculating return

I’d like for the return of the portfolio to be shown accordingly to the time period selected.
To me - this means a time weighted return. This would allow us to compare our own investment choices vs the returns of an Index or fund. Everyone will have different aims/benchmarks, so we might not get the ability to graph all benchmarks.
Currently, the chart only shows the total return independently of the time period selected.



Hey there, guys.

Happy New Year! Thank you for the feedback and inspiring ideas.

@Briscoe, this is among the first things we’ve prepared for 2022.

  1. Autoinvest from free funds
  2. Filters/Sorting the stocks in your portfolio
  3. In specie transfers

I would like to see in the display overview not only the changes on my entire investment (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, max) but also per active/investment and basket.

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  • A working VWAP. (to have VWAP as an available indicator when it doesn’t work properly is pretty bad)
  • Proper volume indicators.
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There is currently no detailed description for ETFs.

  1. descriptions of the fund itself where it invests, except guess by the name.
  2. pays dividends and how much or invests received dividends back into the fund to increase the value. This would make it easier to select ETFs for investment.